Learning Live from the SQL on Linux Roadshow

By Stacey Gilmore 

For a couple of weeks now, HPE has participated in a worldwide roadshow featuring Microsoft SQL Server 2017 on Linux. Audience interest and excitement from the HPE session have centered on the impressive performance benefits of running SQL server with fast persistent memory, and our predictive, multicloud ready flash storage offerings.

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In addition, after attending a few of these events live, here are some key trends and needs we’ve learned about from Microsoft and our customers:

  1.  Challenging Horizon for SQL DBAs  - Accoding to Forbes (New Problems, New Approaches: The Rise of the GeneralistVMware: The Rise of the IT Generalist), companies are hiring fewer storage experts and more IT generalists, who are quite often overloaded SQL DBAs (See the article in Toadworld). With growing demands and fewer resources, one thing is clear: today’s infrastructure must do more so people can do less. During roadshow events, Microsoft has emphasized SQL 2017’s nascent machine learning capabilities that allow the database to run scripts created by staff to ‘fix itself’.
  2. Data copies now consume more storage capacity than production data - As this article in "CIO Magazine"  attests, companies want to continue to both deliver business value and 'keep the lights on.' However, this increasingly means not only delivering great performance and availability, but also protecting SQL data and achieving business continuity. Such copy data management related workflows may now consume over 60% of production storage capacity – more than production.  See this Computerworld article for details.  
  3. Achieving anywhere portability for SQL 2017 data is still a challenge.  It’s clear companies want to move more SQL data to Azure. And Microsoft predicts that SQL 2017 containers will be ubiquitous. Thanks to Microsoft, your SQL 2017 database and applications will move anywhere, yet the data inside will not. At the Sunnyvale event, Microsoft invited consultants to speak about easing the migration process to move SQL data. If only it were possible to easily move the data with the database and avoid the need for painful migration. 

HPE Storage can help you achieve the Microsoft Vision

Having made big bets and early investments ahead of the industry in each of these areas, we have proven solutions to address these important challenges for customers. HPE offers the industry’s first line of multicloud-ready and proven, predictive flash storage offerings engineered to do more and make life easier for IT generalists and over-worked DBA’s. Here are some reasons to run the industry’s leading database (as defined in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems 2017) on our industry leading flash storage (per Gartner Magic Quadrant for General-Purpose Disk Arrays 2017).  

  •  Artificial Intelligence for your data center and Azure cloud - There’s no need to worry about your SQL infrastructure. HPE InfoSight takes care of it for you by using machine learning to analyze data from all the of the systems in our global install base. With almost a decade’s worth of experience, predictive analytics, and an algorithm that gets smarter and more reliable with every system and issue analyzed, we guarantee six-9s of availability from storage. InfoSight predictive analytics is available on HPE Cloud Volumes, HPE Nimble Storage and HPE 3PAR arrays.
  •  Copy data management - Whether you’re making data copies for dev/test, business continuity, data protection, or data mining, HPE flash storage offers built-in capabilities that can be used standalone, or to enhance copy data management workflows via SQL or your favorite 3rd party copy data management vendor. Capabilities range from simple SQL-consistent snapshots and data replication to more sophisticated and cloud-integrated approaches that tier and move active and archival copies to Azure. You can reduce costs and recover data in the cloud or on-premises. For more info on SQL Data Protection and Business Continuity check out a few of our other posts: 

HPE StoreOnce and Recovery Manager Central for Transparent Protection of Your Database

Looking for fast, affordable database protection? Look to Recovery Manager Central for SQL Server

Let’s discuss Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery for SQL Server at Microsoft Ignite

  • SQL Data Portability for DevOps, Containers, and to/from Azure Cloud - With HPE Cloud Volumes. you can easily move to the cloud with fast data on-ramping and avoid slow and manual migrations. You get the simplicity of native elastic cloud storage—with enterprise-grade capabilities. For more info on how multicloud storage can help, check out our Multicloud Storage for Dummies book.

Microsoft makes a compelling case:

SQL 2017 containers will make maintaining your database easier. But did you know they won’t help you manage data that goes with the containers? That’s why HPE became the first and only storage vendor to offer rich data services for both Windows and Linux Containers with rich integration to Docker,  Mesosphere, Kubernetes, and Redhat OpenShift. For an example, of how this works, view our joint session with Microsoft at this year’s Ignite.

No matter where or how you run SQL Server – HPE has you covered.

Get all the info at the Roadshow

Attend the SQL Server 2017 on Linux roadshow nearest you to get all the details about how HPE All Flash is the ideal storage solution for SQL Server 2017 on Linux. The Roadshow also includes presentations from Microsoft, Intel and Red Hat. Here are the remaining locations and dates: 

·        Sydney, Australia – February 19

·        Dublin, Ireland – February 19

·        Melbourne, Australia – February 20

·        Redmond, WA – February 21

·        Stockholm, Sweden - February 21

·        Canberra, AustraliaFebruary 22

·        New York City, U.S.  - February 23

·        Madrid, Spain – February 27

·        Helsinki, Finland – March 2

·        Vancouver, Canada – March 27

·        Toronto, Canada – March 29


You can also access the on-demand replays of the recent SQL Server on Linux webinar series and check out the HPE – Microsoft Alliance web page.


Stacey Gilmore, HPE Container Solutions Marketer 

Prior to her current role, Stacey served as an AWS and Azure cloud solutions marketer for various Fortune 100 companies and startups, and as a DevOps engineer for HPE in 2000. Now that HPE has purchased Nimble Storage, she is excited to be serving in a new capacity - back where she started.


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