Making a Big Splash in Barcelona

by Helen Tang

DockerCon came and went, and what a whirlwind it was! Due to the meteoric rise of Docker and container technologies in general, every single attendee, myself included, sort of felt like we’re making history together. The excitement was palpable. In its 2.5 year existence as a company, Docker has already had 4 user conferences, 2 in Europe. Can you believe that? Talk about amazing growth.

DockerCon had a few themes this year:

  • Empower the makers (developers/builders)
  • Docker in production
  • End to end matters
  • The power of AND

All of which matches perfectly with HPE’s overall container strategy, that we outlined in the DockerCon announcement on Nov 16th. Let me quickly elaborate:

  • Empower the makers – Helion Development Platform 2.0 is empowering Devs in a big way, enabling devs to build/test/deploy container based apps, and giving them the flexibility of bringing their own containers – deployed on prem, or in the cloud
  • Docker in production – this end to end set of solutions we announced is all about giving enterprises the confidence and security of pushing Docker apps into production – bringing scalability, reliability and a whole class of enterprises services that comes with the HPE solution for Docker
  • End to end matters – did I mention E2E? This announcement is all about a true end to end set of solution and tools, enabling Docker deployments, from physical to cloud
  • The power of AND – Docker and HPE are working together, HPE and our customers are aligning together, it’s all about delivering real value and transformation to the business.

A quick run-down of the HPE presence at the event:

#1 – we made a major press announcement, as here’s the press coverage:

  • ZDNet, VNunet, TechCrunch, Computer Business Review, InformationWeek, PCWorld and BetaNews report that Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced at DockerCon Europe a portfolio of new cloud, service, storage and software solutions designed for the Docker ecosystem.
  • 140+ articles covered the story, with headlines like:
    • HPE Embraces Docker; HPE puts a big bet on containers; Containers gets a big business boost from HPE
  • The Computer Business Review article titled “DockerCon EU: 5 first day take-aways” lists HPE as take away #4
  • Watch a video interview of HPE’s Omri Gazitt – VP of products and services for HPE Helion with eWeek.


#2 – we had an amazing booth, featuring a real container! Gotta say, the new HPE green looks awesome on a container, smiley.jpg

  • As a platinum sponsor, HPE had a 20x20 booth in the best position possible at the event – our booth is the first thing anyone will see as they walk into the expo
  • The new branding, bold green color and innovative container attracted a lot of attention – many including the Docker alliance team mentioned “Hands-down, the best booth!”
  • We had a good amount of traffic, waiting on official tally from lead scans, but based on booth give-aways, there were approximately 400 visitors over the 2 days
  • A lot of interest and curiosity on day 1 “What’s HPE doing here?” What are you guys doing with containers” – most were pleasantly surprised that HPE is now in the container game – big time


#3 – We had a session:

  • HPE Session - How are containers enabling the 20th Century Fox to release the next great movie?
  • We had a packed house – over 100 attendees and some good, interested questions – moving containers into production, at enterprise scale is a major topic of concern for a lot of Docker’s customers.


  • Our speakers – Manav and Devon from Fox did a great job explaining the container journey at Fox and their decision to choose HPE

All in all, it was a great event, and it was a great way for HPE to make its presence known in the Container/Docker Universe – in a big way. Not to mention the whale of a good time that was had by all! I for one, can’t wait for DockerCon 2016 in June, in my hometown no less, Seattle, smiley.jpg Nothing against Barcelona, but I promise we’ll be serving better coffee.

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