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Making sure information turns into infoaction


My neighbor needed a new car. He’s the analytical type who likes to think his decisions are based on the latest and best information. So he used the web to get as much data as he could on about twenty or so different brands and models.  He found a lot. He’d make charts and graphs. He’d arrange and re-arrange features and options. He’d prioritize his “must have’s” and then create new lists as priorities changed. The one thing he didn’t do for a very long time was make a decision. When he finally did, he ended up getting the same brand and model as his old car.

The paralyzing effects of TMI
The web offers the ability for everyone to access amazing amounts of information. However, as my neighbor’s story shows, that’s not always good. Without a way to sift through the information quickly and identify the most relevant data, it can lead to a sort of paralysis that hinders rather than supports effective decision-making. For my neighbor and his car, the consequences were fairly banal: a “new” car that was just like his “old” car. But in areas like healthcare where the decisions need to be made both accurately and quickly, the results of TMI paralysis can be much more serious.  That’s why a new solution from HP, Microsoft and Sogeti is such a welcomed development in the field.

Conflicting priorities?
The pressure is definitely on all healthcare providers to deliver high-quality services at lower costs. While these may sound like conflicting priorities, they are both attainable IF providers can quickly identify efficiencies, improve patient care and determine the best possible ways to allocate resources that impact both inpatient and outpatient services.

The ability to access the most relevant data from the huge volume that’s available is key to making these decisions. That’s exactly what the new solution delivers. It harnesses the power of three leading companies to make Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics a reality for healthcare .

How it works
Microsoft’s Analytics Platform Server (APS) along with Power BI for Office 365 allows hospitals and other healthcare organizations to easily deploy a cloud-based, BI environment where people can share insights, collaborate and access reports, from anywhere - phones, tablets or PCs  - and all through the familiar user interface of Excel. APS offers scalability for data growth and the ability to include unstructured data into the mix, such as blogs, social media and other useful public online data sources. APS has been optimized to run on HPs Converged System 300 ensuring cost-effective reliability.  Sogeti incorporates best practices and methodologies to manage the entire process from beginning to end including expert consulting, analysis, Proof of Concept services, deployment planning, full implementation and testing.

The results it delivers
By bringing together the best in hardware, software and methodologies, the “power of three” solution fully supports focused and effective decision-making. It delivers:

  • Improved, real-time insight into structured and unstructured data from diverse sources
  • The ability for hospitals to perform population health analytics to improve services and help meet requirements for Accountability Care Organizations
  • Reduced reporting load time from days to minutes, and query time from hours to seconds
  • Dramatically lower storage costs by compressing data more than 95 percent
  • Improved service-levels to providers and customers

No TMI paralysis here. Just the right information delivered when and where it is needed to support effective decision-making. And when it comes to healthcare, that benefits all of us – neighbor included.  


For more information
This webcast provides an excellent overview of the “Power of Three” solution available from HP, Sogeti, and Microsoft. Information on other joint HP – Capgemini/Sogeti solutions are available here.


Going to HP Discover? If so, make sure this session is a part of your plans: 

Session ID: B1361

Tuesday, June 2, 2015
04:30 p.m. - 05:30 p.m.

With HP Converged System for Microsoft APS, Power BI and Sogeti, you can easily get started visualizing, modeling and reporting data insights for the healthcare industry through what we call the Unleash Enterprise Innovation3 solution. Learn how your organization can easily unite your relational inpatient and outpatient data with non-relational data from public sources and social media, allowing you to capture and analyze the data that will effectively impact your decision-making processes.


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