Manage Transaction Data with HPE Flex Solutions for Microsoft SQL Server

Managing growing amounts of transactional data with aggressive requirements for availability and security—while also managing costs—is a real challenge. Customer expectations for instant gratification are higher than ever—and so are regulatory demands for data security and auditability. If you're relying on third-party transaction providers or cloud-based transaction gateways for online transaction processing (OLTP), you may want to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do we know where our transaction data is?
  • How quickly can we access our own data?
  • Are transactions as fast as they could be?
  • Are they truly secure?
  • How can we ensure uptime?
  • How much are we paying in transaction fees?

HPE Flex Solutions for OLTP with Microsoft SQL Server let you bring your transactions home, so you don't have to trust third parties with mission-critical business data.

HPE Flex Solutions for Microsoft SQL Server leverage in-memory technology to speed transactional performance, save you money on fees and transaction costs paid to third parties, and give you more control over uptime and disaster recovery. And SQL Server has been named the database with the fewest vulnerabilities seven years in a row.1

Robust, secure, cost-effective HPE Flex Solutions are based on industry-leading HPE ProLiant servers, powered by Intel. They include the storage, networking, software, and support you need in a flexible platform to get up and running right away. And if you’d like to adopt/update your data warehouse (DW) or leverage advanced business intelligence (BI) for a complete, data-driven solution, you can unlock these SQL capabilities on HPE Flex Solutions as well.

Watch this quick video: HPE Flex Solutions for Online Transaction Processing with Microsoft SQL Server


Guest blog by Ildi Pomeroy 


[1]National Institute of Standards and Technology, National Vulnerability Database. October 24, 2016.


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