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By Andrew Beales


As we arrive at SAPPHIRENOW 2016 - it’s safe for me to say that this will be HPE’s most exciting yet!  Digital Transformation will continue to be a core theme of the event although the term (and terms like it) get used as an umbrella to mean a multitude of things in our industry.  At Sapphire at least, digital transformation in its purest sense will be about how HPE has helped to deliver simple, agile, innovative solutions that rapidly address our customer’s specific business outcomes in a measureable way.  We have some really compelling use cases to share with you – where through our demonstrable experience and a lot of hard work, which we don’t mind by the way :-),  we’ve achieve some hugely significant results and within very short timescales for our customers.  To this end we are also sharing and showcasing our experience through a set of transformation workshops that shows how your organization can undertake the transformation journey along with the type of results you can expect. These workshops center across three key themes: Empower the data-driven organization, Transform to a Hybrid Infrastructure and Protect your Digital Enterprise

Key to success of driving digitization and doing it with pace, is a relentless obsession to focus on the outcomes important to your business.  IT organizations are in demand to actively drive digitization and growth of the business, by deploying technology and operational innovations faster – much faster. And at the same time, organizations need to assure continuous cost-effective business operations, by detecting and correcting issues before they ever disrupt desired business outcomes.

At SAPPHIRENOW 2016 we will be demonstrating how we measure, act & improve IT based on “Real” Business Outcomes – through HPE’s Transformative Business Outcomes Service Management (BOSM) for SAP-centric solutions offering.

As continuous performance of IT-enabled Business Processes is often delegated to multiple Service Providers and multiple SaaS solutions, then there is a need to view the end-to-end performance based on Business Outcome-based SLAs, minimizing business downtime.

Our Transformative BOSM Offering addresses these Always On and Continuous Improvement challenges, by:

  • Establishing key business process steps, metrics and thresholds for acceptable performance in the various end-to-end value streams like Customer-to-Cash, Procure-to-Pay, etc.
  • Proactively detecting and resolving on "real" business process outcome deviations
  • Enabling continuous business process improvement from a business user perspective
  • Providing continuous transparency across all providers based on objective data on actionable dashboards
  • Transformative BOSM is an integrated offering extending and uniting the standard SAP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) services that we provide.

So what are the likely benefits to your organization?

  • Significant reduction in the total cost of application operations
  • Establish semi-automated CBP Documentation (in SAP Solution Manager) and removal of obsolescence
  • Reduce CBP failures, and improve CBP availability/ uptime (less unplanned downtime)
  • Improve CBP execution velocity and efficiency by fact-based identification of optimization potential (via SAP Business Process Analytics and optionally HP Operational Analytics)
  • Reduce High Priority Incidents, and increase Auto-generated Incidents
  • Accelerate Time-to-Resolution for Business Process issues by leveraging SAP Root Cause Analysis
  • Significantly reduce failed changes after release to production
  • Drive change management efforts aligned to business operational improvements
  • Enable increased business process-aligned test automation (by optionally leveraging HPE ALM)
  • Drive a continuous improvement & efficiency transparency (with SAP Management Dashboards, and optionally, HPE IT Executive Scorecards)

To find out more and to see the launch of our latest BOSM Actionable Dashboards in action and on Smart Phone – then please do visit us at the HPE booth at Sapphire Now 2016.

To learn more now about the wider benefits and the culture that BOSM-led services drive then visit:  (YouTube Search: ‘Transformative BOSM’)

Accelerate Live with HPE at SAPPHIRE NOW

Success today is defined by the ability to turn ideas into value faster than your competition. With Hewlett Packard Enterprise and SAP it’s almost unfair. HPE enables you to accelerate your digital transformation and deliver business outcomes that empower you to Run Live. 

Visit HPE at booth #127 at SAPPHIRE® NOW to learn more about our solutions, services and co-innovation initiatives. 

When: May 17-19, 2016
Where: Orange County Convention Center Orlando, Florida
Booth: #127

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