Microsoft Azure Stack: Outstanding performance in a starring role

By Urs Renggli  

Oh, boy! Finally! A chance to get to all those great videos on my “must-watch” list. This’ll be great. But which one shall I start with? Hmmm. Here are the choices.:  

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  1. Azure Stack: The Incredible Growth of Azure. Sounds like science fiction, right? But it’s actually science fact. A recent poll revealed that 72 percent of Azure customers plan on using Azure Stack within the next three years. That’s a lot of customers. Azure Stack also seems likely to grow due to changes in how companies are using cloud platforms, as 68 percent of current cloud customers plan on moving at least one app from a public cloud to a private cloud or have already done so. The unified nature of Azure, and the advent of Azure Stack, makes it easy to switch between various cloud paradigms. 
  2. The Top Use Cases for Azure Stack. Cases = a detective/crime drama? Sorry. No drama at all. Just impressive ways to use Azure Stack to more easily achieve critical business goals. For example, although major cloud providers now have a solid record of security, certain types of data simply can't go into the cloud, and Azure Stack provides a means of integrating this data seamlessly within a larger cloud infrastructure. 
  3. HPE and Microsoft's Joint Azure Stack Innovation Centers. This video shows how Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Microsoft-run Innovation Centers connect companies with HPE and Azure Stack experts. So match-making, romance, happy-ever-after-ing? Well, close. These centers give companies free consultation for finding the ideal means of using Azure Stack and HPE hardware within Azure environments. Various information sessions give potential clients a strong understanding of the environment's capabilities, while proof-of-concept installations run on-site can show potential clients what they can expect should they make the transition. 
  4. Consumption-Based Pricing with Azure Stack. Hard-hitting Wall Street film showing behind-the-scenes battles on pricing and cost strategies? Nah! Just a friendly discussion on how Azure Stack lets customers pay only for what they consume. This makes scaling issues easier to handle and eliminates the need for expensive, and sometimes risky, investment in hardware and software licenses. BTW, HPE leads the way by offering Azure Stack infrastructure on a consumption-based model, eliminating the need for upfront capital investment.  
  5. Why HPE is the Perfect Partner for Azure Stack. Everybody loves a romcom, right? Globally, HPE is the leading vendor for Microsoft deployments, giving us a proven record of partnership and success. For our relationship with Azure Stack specifically, our HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack offers a completely integrated and proven solution. It’s a case of love at first sight and love that lasts.

 In case you want to see how well Azure Stack performs in a starring role, you can find these videos and more right here on YouTube. You can also get information on HPE and Azure Stack here.

As for me, I can’t decide. These videos all sound great. I’m going to put them in a pile, close my eyes, and just pick one. There. Done! And the winner is …

Urs Renggli is the Global Marketing Lead for the Microsoft Alliance, directing all aspects of HPE's global alliance marketing strategy and partner marketing. He is responsible for developing and implementing end-to-end sales and marketing Initiatives and programs. Urs has spent a number of years at both HPE and Microsoft and understands both the power and importance of this strategic alliance in terms of the solutions it delivers to customers.  You can follow him on Twitter @renggli _urs  and on LinkedIN at 


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