NEW HPE FAQ for Microsoft OEM Windows Server licensing

Do you have questions about licensing Windows Server OEM products on HPE servers? We've got the answers!

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has created a new  FAQ document for Microsoft Windows Server OEM Operating System (OS) products on HPE servers. This guide can help you answer many of the questions you (and your customers) may have about licensing Windows Server products on HPE server systems.

When HPE examined the questions they received the most about Windows Server OEM licensing, they noticed the questions centered around three general categories: Products, Activation, Support.
To simplify the answering process, HPE has used these categories as the structure of the new FAQ document. 


This new FAQ document answers questions surrounding:

- Basic Windows Server licensing
- Differences between license types
- Customer questions focused on “I’ve got an OEM license.... now I need to know…”
- Activation 
- Support
- Microsoft Software Assurance
- Downgrade rights for OEM licensing
- Virtualization with OEM licensing
- Specific product questions for active Product Families
- Client Access Licenses (CALs) and Remote Desktop Service (RDS) CALs
- Reseller questions


With 99 questions answered in the FAQ, we're pretty sure you will find the answer to all of your Microsoft Windows Server OEM licensing questions. BUT, if you (or your customers) have a question about licensing Windows Server OEM products on HPE Servers that is not answered in the FAQ document, leave it in the comments below and we can answer it! 


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