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NEW Post-Sale Windows Server 2012 Standard Additional Licenses!


As you know from our previous Licensing blogs, every HP OEM license for Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard edition supports up to 2 physical processors and up to 2 concurrent Windows Server virtual machines (VMs). If you want to license more processors and/or more concurrent VMs, you should add “Additional Licenses” to your investment.  

Wondering what’s new and what the benefits are of this new After Point of Sale offering? The table below explains the main advantages of this new way of acquiring Additional Licenses:


 Before Sept 28th

On Sept 28th

Must be purchased at time of Server + OS sale only

Available for purchase by customer either at time of new Server purchase or after the Server sale, if they have previously purchased a Base OS OEM License from HP. They are as easy to buy as CALs (Client Access Licenses), which can also be purchased after OS sale. 

This provides our customers the easiest method of purchasing the performance they need now and in the future and a sales opportunity to stay in touch with customers over time.

Note: Customers are not required to provide Proof of Purchase of original OS Base License.

Additive Licenses not transferrable to new Servers (must live on server it was sold with)

NEW Additional Licenses can be transferred to other servers! Rights can be reassigned to any other server with a Windows Server 2012 or 2012 R2 Standard Base License installed.

Note: This reassignment may not be on a short-term basis (i.e., not for less than 90 days)

Delivery: Licenses for more Processors or Concurrent VMs required Additional Base Licenses with (1) Certificate of Authenticity (COA) for each license affixed to the Server at time of sale (known as ‘License Stacking’).

Additional Licenses do not include redundant media or the typical COA.  It includes a Tracking COA for license audit compliance and will not include an activation key. Customers will activate VMs with the license key from the original Base OS license attached to Server.


As for pricing, HP will keep prices aligned with Microsoft’s Global price increase, which reflects the additional value to customers from licenses being both transferrable between servers and available as a post-sales Server option. HP pricing will remain expertly positioned against other Server OEMs and Microsoft Commercial (COEM) offerings.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the Coffee Coaching team: .

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