Naturally you have questions about the new HPE/PwC/MSFT solution. Of course we have answers.

By Drew Denkhaus

I am looking at this new offering from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Microsoft that focuses on the new Microsoft Azure Stack solution. Definitely impressive. It promises to accelerate deployment of ecosystem-level solutions and make it easier for enterprises to ultimately deliver the services they need to drive their business. Just as important, it brings the varied and deep expertise from three industry leaders to help these same enterprises leverage hybrid IT more quickly, easily and confidently.

It’s a revolutionary approach that delivers pretty amazing results. So it’s natural that you might have questions about it. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few answers to the most common questions we’ve heard from customers just like you:

Q. What is the new HPE/PwC/Microsoft solution all about?  

w, m looking at laptop.jpgA. It is basically designed to help enterprises evolve their operating model to be successful in a new world where the business must deliver results on a highly-accelerated schedule. As a result, the pressure is on IT organizations to implement an infrastructure that can respond at cloud-like speeds to those new business demands. Our solution proposes a hybrid IT solution and a hybrid cloud approach that facilitates the transition by leveraging the truly first API-consistent hybrid cloud services platform that lets you deliver Azure services from within your organizations datacenter. The combination of HPE/PwC/MSFT provide the way to meet your business and technical requirements.

Q. What specific need or needs does the solution address?

A. For a while, Public Cloud seemed to be THE answer for customers who needed a combination of agility, flexibility and affordability to implement the new operating model. Today, it is still AN answer, but far from the only one. Many customers have learned from their experience that they need an environment that supports Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Traditional IT. The Azure Stack solution is an extension of Azure Public Cloud, which brings the agility and innovation of cloud computing to on-premise environments. And by running it on purpose-built Azure Stack integrated systems from HPE, s we can deliver a consistent Hybrid cloud solution in record time. In order for customers to start leveraging the solution, PwC provides the necessary expertise on the organizational transformation and business alignment for a smoother transition of the new operating model. A factor that often goes unaddressed until it is too late.

Q. We often think of cloud as a way to reduce costs. But can hybrid cloud also deliver business value?

A. Yes … and again, it depends on the type of data and applications found within the enterprise. For example, a company’s intellectual property and customer sensitive information naturally belongs on a private cloud. An enterprise that is subject to regulatory oversight like that of data sovereignty restrictions also benefits from a private cloud. Finally, a private cloud typically results in better control and greater agility than a public one. Note that the HPE/PwC/Microsoft solution delivers the best of two worlds by making it easy for enterprises to incorporate both a private and public cloud, allotting tasks/responsibilities to each according to which approach is better suited.

Q. What are the advantages of working with the HPE/PwC/Microsoft team on the implementation of a hybrid IT plan?

A. We offer customers a way to get the best of three recognized experts – each offering an essential part of a total solution – without having to maintain three different relationships or deal with different pieces of stack or different aspects of the value chain. We work together so that customers see one seamless solution that is already integrated, and so easier and faster to implement. Customers can count on faster time to value, plus better overall performance and lower overall risk.

Q. What if I have more questions?

A. Of course, we have the answers to those as well. Check out the HPE – PwC alliance web page and contact us directly at


Drew photo latest - 072517.jpgDrew Denkhaus is part of the HPE WW Strategic Alliances Team focused on developing  joint GTM solutions in support of the PwC Alliance relationship.   Drew has been with HP and HPE for the past 18 years with responsibilities spanning Software, Infrastructure, Cloud and Emerging technologies. 


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