New Storage Integrations & Validations help IT Target Solutions at Microsoft Ignite

Students of history know that the Battle of Britain, the famous WWII air battle for the defense of England, wasn’t won by the British having more planes, or necessarily better planes. A key factor was the use of Radar that provided awareness of incoming attacks, the benefit of time, and the ability to focus their resources in defense. Similarly, IT teams are being challenged on many fronts, whether it’s how to effectively support remote workers, how to harness new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, or how to keep their systems and the company data secure from expanding cyber threats.

HPE at MS Ignite 2021HPE at MS Ignite 2021

HPE will be at Microsoft Ignite demonstrating products, sharing expertise, and providing guidance for partners and customers to allow them to be more effective and focused in addressing their tech challenges. At this next installment of the now semi-annual Microsoft Ignite event running from March 2-4, HPE will be helping attendees accelerate their digital transformation with HPE products and services.  And the Storage team will be part of that presence, promoting the breadth of data storage solutions for Microsoft applications, from Windows cloud automation to SQL Server, Exchange, and new, emerging offerings such as Azure Stack HCI.

Since Ignite switched over to be a virtual event, it’s adopted an around-the-clock agenda format, with a rotating schedule of keynotes, live events, featured sessions and opportunities to discuss and connect, that serve multiple geographies in their local time zones. HPE sessions will be available on-demand, whenever it’s convenient for you to watch them, with a wealth of resources – technical whitepapers, recorded demos, and solution briefs – available online for whenever you need them. 


Increasing the frequency of HPE at Ignite
HPE is a sponsor of the event, but is expanding the range and strength of its presence with content available across two sites, doubling your ability to see what’s going on, catch expert sessions and access technical resources to help you get the most out of your HPE solutions.

First off, HPE is a featured partner on the main event site, and has a sponsor page with product content, demos, innovation sessions and links to related assets.  Our experts will be speaking across a range of topics including Hybrid Cloud​, Digital Workplace, Apps & Data and Digital transformation.

Then to augment the official event site, HPE has an additional event landing page – a bonus ‘virtual booth’ with even more in the way of sessions, demos, technical documentation and other resources. 


Reducing IT noise with HPE Storage Solutions
The Storage team was involved in delivering three key activities for the event:

1.  Session on our new WAC Storage Extension now supporting HPE Nimble Storage

2.  Demo of how to quickly set-up your Windows storage environment using PowerShell automation

3.  Session on Mission Critical SQL Server running on HPE Primera storage and Superdome Flex compute.

These sessions are all available on the Ignite main event site.  Along with these activities in the show, the team has news to share:

Azure Stack HCI on HPE Apollo 4200 solution – Was recently re-launched along with the official Microsoft program as a Validated solution using the new Azure Stack HCI codebase.  The new Azure Stack HCI merges easy-to-use software-defined HCI directly with the powerful cloud services in Azure. And the validated solution built on the HPE Apollo 4200 leads in data capacity and density providing a platform unmatched for virtualized data-intensive workloads like email, SQL Server, analytics and secondary storage. Here’s the original blog post we wrote in support of Microsoft’s GA back in December along with a link to a recent Product team webcast.   

Windows Admin Center (WAC) Storage Extensions – We just released an update to our WAC Storage extension, now version 1.1.  This software integrates HPE Storage arrays with Windows Admin Center, and v1.1 adds support for HPE Nimble storage, along with HPE 3PAR storage and HPE Primera storage. More details on the plug-in, HPE’s extension effort and a link to download the new bits are all available through a related announcement.


Strengthening the signal with more solution resources
Here are a number of new solution resources published since the last Ignite:


Target a successful visit with HPE
Check out the HPE page on the Microsoft Ignite site for a precise and effective way to learn the latest on what HPE is doing to help IT meet the challenges of the day. The page is now live and loaded with resources on our expanding Solution set for Microsoft applications.  And then get even more information specifically on HPE Storage solutions on our additional landing page.


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