New Year's resolution: upgrade to Windows Server 2016 on HPE Gen10 Servers

As we prepare for the coming year we think it is important to look back at 2017. This past year, we have gotten many questions about the benefits of pairing Microsoft Windows Server 2016 with HPE ProLiant Gen10 Servers and why customers should upgrade their server infrastructure.

As an introduction to our new series that will be coming in 2018, we wanted to start answering these questions and explore several reasons customers may want to upgrade to the latest (and in our opinion greatest) server hardware and software.

1) They want to strengthen their security posture
Windows Server 2016 has layers of active security built in, giving customers a stronger security posture and allowing them to detect, protect, and respond to threats. Pairing Windows Server 2016 with HPE ProLiant Gen10 Servers—the most secure industry standard servers—your clients get the added benefit of unique hardware security features, down to the silicon.
- Protect from attacks with Silicon Root of Trust
- Better protect admin credentials
- Detect compromised code or malware with Run-time Firmware Verification
- Improve Virtual Machine protection
- Strengthen threat detection capabilities


2) They're looking for ways to improve efficiency and cost for their software-defined datacenter
With Windows Server 2016 running on HPE ProLiant Gen10 Servers, you clients can solve operational and budgetary challenges. Windows Server 2016 allows users to blend physical and virtual infrastructures together through software-defined compute, storage, and networking technologies. In addition, Gen10 servers offer customers economic control through flexible payment models that are not only aligned with business outcomes, but can also scale based on unpredicted customers demand.
- Resilient compute
- Improve server density
- Reduce storage costs
- Rapid network scale


3) They want increased agility to innovate faster and more securely
If your customers are grappling with their ability to manage and update the thousands of apps they currently employ, Windows Server 2016 on HPE ProLiant Gen10 Servers can make their job significantly simpler.
- Better secure existing apps
- Optimize performance with Intelligent System Tuning (IST) that includes Jitter Smoothing, Core Boosting, and Workload Matching
- Move traditional apps to a modern DevOps environment
- Easily select, deploy, manage, and maintain HPE server infrastructure over the server lifecycle with HPE OneView 3.1, HPE iLO5, and iLO Amplifier Pack
- Quickly build cloud-native and hybrid apps


4) They're ready to purchase a new HPE Server
For customers who are ready to purchase a new HPE ProLiant Server, pairing it with HPE OEM Windows Server 2016 Reseller Option Kit (ROK) licensing is an ideal choice. Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Microsoft bring together the world's leading server hardware and software innovations, applications, resources, and support. Through reseller partners, ROK delivers value pricing, flexible choices, one-stop ordering, and single source support. With HPE ROK + ProLiant Servers your customers can be more productive, achieve more with their investment, and keep their business running smoothly.
- Fast and easy: Customers can purchase all server options, including the OS, from a one-stop-shop for a complete HPE solution
- Tested and certified: HPE Certified-Free install support directly from HPE for 90 days
- Affordable: The most affordable option for many customers


To learn more on why customers should upgrade to Windows Server 2016 read the Microsoft Hybrid Cloud blog, “Should you upgrade to Windows Server 2016”.

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