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OEM Licensing Friday: Dive into Licensing


Let’s first recap a bit: What is HP ROK?

As you may remember from our previous licensing blog, “ROK your business for sweet results: ROK FAQ”, HP ROK is the HP OEM Reseller Option Kit for Microsoft Windows Server, a way for resellers to easily sell and deploy a Windows Server Operating System (OS) on HP Server Hardware.

 As a kit, HP ROK includes Windows Server software that:

  • Is install-ready and sold off of the same server price lists as other components such as RAM, hard drives, or processors
  • Is tested with HP ProLiant hardware
  • Comes with 90-day installation support from HP

Are you a reseller wondering which type of license you should bid? We want to make it easy for you and your customers!

Did you know, in addition to offering agreement-based volume licensing for enterprise customers, Microsoft offers different types of licensing for SMB customers who prefer transactional license purchases. How do you choose which to offer your customers? While customers may know which type of Microsoft Server software they prefer, they may not know which licensing type is best for their specific business needs and that is where working with a HP Reseller Partner can be very beneficial. To determine which licensing to offer, ask these simple questions:

Q: Is the customer buying new hardware?

For sales with new servers, an HP OEM ROK license offers the best price. Open licensing is typically priced 5-15% above OEM.

Q: Does the customer already have Volume Licensing?

In general, you do not want to ‘over bid’ the software price. Therefore, it is important to ask if the customer already has a Microsoft Volume License and, if so, bid a Volume License. Otherwise, you should generally bid the lower-cost HP OEM ROK licenses when selling Windows Server with a new server.

Q: Does their hardware offer a corresponding HP OEM  ROK option?

A customer may choose an HP OEM ROK license when they are buying an HP ProLiant server. 

Don’t forget about Software Assurance

After closing an HP OEM ROK license sale, if the customer has expressed concerns about license “portability” you might offer to transfer them to your organization’s license desk to discuss adding “Software Assurance” (SA) to their HP OEM ROK license. When SA is added to HP OEM ROK, it adds “portability” rights plus additional Microsoft support services.

How to assign an OEM License

Once you have determined the HP OEM ROK License is the best option for your customer, there are a few things you need to know about assigning the license. First, the License must be delivered with the server hardware (with the COA affixed). Remember, only a single product edition (Datacenter or Standard) may be licensed to a single server (partitions are considered a separate server and must be licensed separately).

Be sure to come back for next week’s OEM Licensing Friday blog, for more on licensing requirements and additional licenses and be sure to join our Coffee Coaching communities on FacebookTwitterYouTube, and LinkedIn.

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