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Of sorting marbles and big data


By Greg Chabot


marbles.jpgI had a great marbles collection when I was a kid. I’d take most of them out with me during the spring marble season and play “keepsies” with friends and classmates. But I wasn’t nuts. I kept a collection of very special marbles apart - the real gems, the ones you could just look at and admire for hours. Not worth risking them in games of keepsies. Whenever I won big, I’d bring the new stash home and painstakingly go over them to see if any qualified for the special collection.  

Finding a perfect "cat's eye"
Working with Big Data is a bit like my special marbles collection, but on an immensely bigger scale. The goal of both is to find the best and most desirable, and then set it apart so you can access it quickly for whatever use you want to make of it. But what used to take me about 10 minutes after each marbles victory can take a massive amount of time in Big Data because there are over 2.5 quintillion bytes of information generated worldwide every day.  Also, in contrast to the usual transactional data the business has been using, perhaps 90 percent of the data available today is unstructured. That means it hasn’t been shoehorned into a standard file structure or format, making meaningful access difficult. In fact, the processing and analysis needed to extract value can double or triple the size of the original data set.

That’s perhaps why:

  • 87% of enterprises cannot fully exploit human information today
  • 85% of enterprises feel they are not fast enough to analyze machine data
  • 92% of enterprises feel they do not exploit online clickstream data as well as they should

The joys of a favorite shooter
empower.jpgAll of this has made Big Data and analytics a really hot area  and one of the  4 Transformation Areas defined by HP  that enterprises must undertake if they are to transition effectively to the New Style of Business.  This is the area called "Empower the data-driven organization."

With its HP Haven platform composed of software, services, and hardware, HP offers the equivalent of a favorite shooter that can help you win every game of "keepsies." Haven analyzes 100% of the data relevant to your organization. Available on-premise or on-demand, now Big Data of any type—structured and unstructured—can lead to powerful strategic insights and can deliver the benefits of having 100% of your data informing every decision.

More shots, more scores
HP has a number of strategic alliance partners with industry-leading Big Data and analytics solutions that complement our own. By combining theirs with ours, you end up with a showcase solution that delivers some pretty amazing results.

  • HP and SAP combine their analytics, cloud, mobility, and business process solutions to provide seamless, secure, context-aware experiences for SAP environments
  • For additional SAP HANA solutions,  Deloitte's implementation methodologies leverage HP's optimally configured hardware appliance, pre-loaded software and a full range of services to deliver a top-performing, complete solution for Information Management, CRM, and Business Suite
  • HP and Accenture offer a comprehensive set of analytics and business intelligence services that can help you harness structured and unstructured data. This allows you to improve decision-making, financial management, regulatory compliance, and customer service. Multiple use cases can be offered as a service or delivered on-premise using industry leading software, database and platform packages.
  • HP and PwC bring the right mix of strategy, industry knowledge and technology capabilities to extract the highest value from the information locked in your systems, processes and marketing ecosystem. Our suite of big data solutions gives you the advantages of data-based decision making across both structured and unstructured data.
  • HP and Microsoft have come together to help enterprises more easily implement big data solutions by designing and delivering a complete solution built on a proven architecture with a fine-tuned configuration. The HP ConvergedSystem 300 for Microsoft Analytics Platform is designed by HP and Microsoft to deliver high performance, throughput, and capacity.

Unlike marbles, every game that business play is a “keepsie.”  HP and our alliance partners deliver the solutions you need to make 100% use of the right information in every game. You come out the winner every time.  

Check out my overview blog posted a couple of weeks ago to get more information on the four Transformation Areas. Area-specific blogs are also available:

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