Of speeds and feeds and needs and deeds: thoughts about the next generation of HPE Nimble Storage

I was able to take a close look at the new generation of HPE Nimble Storage solutions that HPE introduced on Monday. I was definitely impressed, but not necessarily for the reasons you might think.  

nimble 1.pngYes, the speeds and feeds are great – as you would expect from a top-performing all-flash storage solution. For example, these HPE Nimble Storage platforms deliver low overhead for the most usable capacity (up to 20% more) based on raw flash available in the array. Adding data reduction techniques (deduplication, compression, zero block elimination) that provide up to 5x more data reduction, these new HPE Nimble arrays provide the industry’s best effective capacity. 

Going beyond speeds and feeds to business needs

But the most impressive and revolutionary aspects of this next generation storage family is its ability to go beyond basic array features to identify, address and solve real-world infrastructure and business issues for customers, including.

  • The app-data gap, which compromises access to the data you need. More than 50% of the causes of the gap occur outside of storage, so there is a clear need for a solution that provides an in-depth cross-stack look across the infrastructure
  • Balancing the increasing need of a cloud-first mandate with current on- premises requirements, since Cloud is now a required part of Hybrid IT
  • Forklift upgrades, up front CapEx investments, and the disconnect between marketing claims and actual guaranteed value

The new generation HPE Nimble solutions address those issue and more with storage solutions that are predictive, cloud ready and timeless. As a result, the infrastructure remains safe and smart, while it also delivers a seamless and delightful experience. 

Meet the family

Enhanced features and capabilities are now available in:   

  • HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays (AF series), which are suitable for high performance, latency-sensitive workloads requiring critical flash performance. 
  • HPE Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash Arrays (HF Series) – best-in-class hybrid arrays which provide an upgrade path from the earlier CS and SF series for mainstream and mixed primary workloads that require a cost and price-performance balance. This family is also an excellent choice to provide flash acceleration for secondary applications like testing and development, and analytics. 

Do the deed: begin your journey to beyond normal 

hands on laptop.jpgFlash is the new normal for storage nowadays. These next-generation HPE Nimble storage solutions go beyond normal to deliver reliably fast, radically simple, and cloud ready solution on day one. They combine with innovative HPE technologies such as HPE InfoSight, HPE Cloud Volumes and HPE Cloud Bank to deliver storage that:

  • Identifies and resolves 86% of Infrastructure (not just storage) issues way before they impact operations
  • Ensures data mobility between on- premises and public cloud
  • Delivers six-nines (99.9999%) availability

 For HPE authorized resellers, the next-generation HPE Nimble Storage solutions provide a way for you to respond to the specific business needs of your customers when it comes to the critical area of storage. Remember, predictive analytics is a capability available only in HPE Nimble and 3PAR solutions. Get complete information in the:

For HPE customers and prospects, HPE Nimble Storage now provides you with a simple, yet powerful solution that meets all your storage requirements, while it also plays a crucial role in ensuring the productivity, performance, and availability of your overall IT environment. HPE Nimble Storage is available exclusively through HPE authorized resellers. For more information:

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