People, Technology, Data – A Grand Trifecta for Modernizing Traditional Applications

HPE Makes a Splash at DockerCon EU 2017 

 HPEbooth V2.JPGIn April of this year, Docker announced the Modernize Traditional Apps (MTA) program. HPE signed up as a major partner. The MTA program is designed to help IT teams flip the 80% maintenance to 20% innovation ratio on its head. The combination of Docker Enterprise Edition (EE), HPE Pointnext services and HPE’s market-leading infrastructure in one turnkey program delivers portability, security and efficiency for your existing app portfolio to drive down total costs and start your transformation towards hybrid IT.

  • Efficient - Teams who modernized traditional applications have seen and average of 40-60% cost savings, largely due to the reduction of VMs running within their environment. By running multiple containers within a VM, teams are able to consolidate their VM use by more than 50%. This reduction in VMs means that less hypervisors are necessary. Less hypervisors means less VM tax, and an improved CPU performance by 47%
  • Portable - As enterprise teams look to adopt hybrid IT or multi cloud strategies, the portability of their applications becomes crucial. By placing their legacy applications into containers, teams can move off of legacy platforms like Windows Server 2003, and port app to modern platforms like Windows 2016. All with no change to code.
  • Secure - By leveraging the Docker EE platforms, enterprise IT ops teams can utilize an end to end software supply chain. Securing their applications, regardless of the underlying infrastructure, while also reducing the attack surface of legacy apps.

 Thanks to these benefits, IT Dev and Ops can expect to see a reduction up to 99% in the time it takes to deploy applications, deploy 13x more often and scale apps 99% faster.

 Key components for success

Like any major transformation, the success of any Modernizing Traditional Application (MTA) project requires a few key components to come together: people/resources, technology/infrastructure and data. Some would say that these are the bedrock foundation of any application. Luckily, HPE is announcing a trio of services and solutions that brings all three together in a winning recipe. 


In order to help customers on their MTA journey, today HPE announced the HPE Pilot Service for Docker MTA featuring HPE Pointnext. It’s the fastest way to get started with MTA, a 30-day starter service which delivers the tools and services to help you containerize a few  select applications in a 30-day pilot and begin saving 40-60% on your IT Operations cost.

 The service is delivered in three phases. In the first phase, 1-3 candidate applications are reviewed for suitability for containerization. Docker EE advanced is deployed on HPE infrastructure. In the second phase, an HPE team arrives on site and familiarizes your team with Docker EE Advanced and reviews how to utilize Docker EE for application deployments. Working collaboratively with your teams, HPE will containerize the candidate applications, compose them, deploy and test on the Docker EE platform. In the third phase, the HPE team will review the environment, define next steps in integration with your CI/CD pipeline as well as production ready requirements. After which, the HPE team will provide 3 weeks of remote consulting and assistance.

 As the #1 partner for Docker, HPE Pointnext consultants are proven professionals with Hybrid IT expertise and hands-on application migration, modernization, container design, implementation experience and are fully Docker certified. In addition, HPE also offers a choice for organizations moving to consumption-based IT with a “Docker on demand” service from HPE Pointnext. You will get a pay-per-use model for the infrastructure in your data center, including Docker EE. You also get extra capacity for you to quickly scale into, ready for use, but which you only pay for when you use it. This approach also includes the right services to plan your capacity needs and to ensure a quality support experience. We employ 25k of the brightest minds globally in IT dedicated to your digital transformation.


With a market-leading portfolio, HPE has you covered when it comes to the optimal hardware for deploying your containerized applications. There are 3 routes and deployment options:

  1. The work horse, HPE ProLiant – it’s a general-purpose computing platform, anywhere from entry level computing to  data center environments to special purpose computing. Now with Gen 10, the world’s most secure Industry Standard Server.
  2. The composable “hero”, HPE Synergy – great for large-scale Hybrid environments, data center application consolidation projects. As the industry’s first and only integrated, composable infrastructure platform, Synergy enables you to deliver infrastructure as code and deploy applications at cloud speed
  3. This is the option we’re announcing today. For all VM deployments, either traditional apps in VMs or Containers on VM, you can’t go wrong with HPE SimpliVity, a hyper converged solution, featuring all flash storage, game-changing data efficiency and built-in backup and DR.

For this big unveiling at DockerCon Europe, we’re proud to introduce Express Containers with Docker, a new, fully-integrated offering that delivers everything you need to stand up and manage a private container as a service (CaaS) platform including:

  • A production-ready hyper-converged system delivered directly from the factory
  • A fully-functional, self-service Docker Enterprise Edition environment
  • A choice of Application Modernization or Cloud Native services to drive adoption
  • Onsite implementation services and training for Cloud Architect and Administrators
  • Flexible consumption choices
  • A true, subscription-based pricing model with HPE’s Flexible Capacity services

This platform is available to consume in just hours from installation. It’s a powerful solution that delivers powerful benefits. It accelerates DevOps by creating a common framework for building, testing, and administering distributed applications, independent of languages, development tools, and system environments across the software development lifecycle. Docker improves collaboration by allowing developers, QA teams, and system administrators to share code efficiently, exchange content, and integrate applications to move from development to production in a seamless manner. It also enables DevOps teams to scale up development and test environments, quickly and cost-effectively.

Docker benefits include:

  • Efficiency: Containers are lightweight, start instantly and make more efficient use of compute resources
  • Portability: Applications, dependencies, and configurations are all bundled together in a container, ensuring seamless portability across hybrid IT environments
  • Extensibility: Applications can be easily modified, updated, or extended without impacting other containers and apps
  • Flexibility: Developers have freedom to use any programming language and development tools they prefer

Persistent Data

Containers make applications portable, but what about your data? Anyone that’s gone through application migration a few times will tell you that moving data is the hardest part. With persistent storage from HPE Nimble Storage and HPE 3PAR, data is as easy to move and manage as Docker containers themselves. HPE storage volume plugins for Docker, Kubernetes, and Mesosphere are so powerful and easy to use that no storage expertise is required. Only HPE persistent storage lets you:

  • Lift and shift data with applications - Instantly convert legacy volumes to persistent volumes when modernizing or containerizing applications and move data between on-premises HPE arrays and AWS or Azure using HPE Cloud Volumes. 
  • Speed up DevOps - Automate data management for Windows and Linux containers right from the Docker command line, tools, and APIs, or use tools such as Ansible or Puppet.
  • Simplify Container Operations with consistent performance and guaranteed six-nines of availability from flash storage for your containers and Docker environment.

 Visit the Docker Store to try our Docker Volume Plugins:

People, Technology, Data: when you bring it all together successfully, it’s a beautiful symphony. More important, this enables us to help you drive down cost by 50% in just a month and help you lift and shift those “stubborn” legacy apps and move them to the modern age, all without touching your code. Contact your local HPE sales team to get started.

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