People or processors? HPE brings both to SAP TechEd EMEA

By Urs Renggli

What do attendees prefer to see at technology shows? The latest technology? Or the people who can help them apply the technology to the challenges they face? The answer, of course, is: “Both.”  But many companies often emphasize speeds and feeds over smarts. HPE does the opposite, bringing a complete team of gurus to every major event. And for next week’s SAP TechEd EMEA, we think that will make your visit to HPE Booth P.20 and to our theater and demo sessions a lot more rewarding.


 Built by people for people     

HPE knows that technology was not created for its own sake and does not exist in a vacuum. Instead, it was created by people for people.  The way we see it, our mission at these events is to bring the two types of people – creator/experts and users - together to help them define the user’s specific challenges and then identify the technologies best suited to meet those challenges.

We will have 20 creator/experts – we actually call them gurus – at SAP TechEd EMEA with a total of 222 years of experience with HPE – SAP solutions. Just as important, we make them easy to find and easy to engage.  Here’s how: 

  • Most of the time, they are present and available at the HPE Booth. We have their photos and areas of expertise posted nearby. Just find the tech area you want to discuss, match it up with the name and photo pf the guru(s) and approach them at the booth with your questions/ challenges.
  • When they are not at the booth, our gurus are usually presenting a theater session or demo. A complete list of these sessions is available here. Here’s a sampling of session topics:
    • Don’t be the next cyber security breach headline
    • Red Hat Solutions for SAP HANA on HPE platform
    • Transforming Insight to Action at the Edge and at the Core with SAP LEONARDO
    • SUSE & HPE: SUSE Live Kernel Patching with HPE Converged Systems for SAP HANA
    • HANA in a Flash: the right storage infrastructure for your SAP HANA deployment
    • Buckle Up! Smoothen the ride to Hybrid IT with HPE Pointnext Services
    • Achieving Zero RPO and low RTO for mission critical SAP systems
    • Get value from Network Insight interoperating with SAP Business Intelligence

The sessions are typically repeated on each of the three days of the event, making it easier to attend the one(s) of most interest to you. You can then speak to the guru(s) after the session.

  • We also encourage you to set up 1:1 session with the guru(s) if your challenge would benefit from an in-depth discussion. You can sign up at the HPE Booth or schedule your meeting with the guru before or after attending their session. 

Whirs, clicks, results     

It’s always impressive to hear the whirs, clicks, and beeps of the latest and fastest and most advanced technology. We believe it’s even more satisfying to hear users like you say, “That’s exactly what I was looking for!” So while we will treat you to the former at SAP TechEd, the focus of all of our gurus will be to get you to say the latter.

Complete information on the HPE presence at SAP TechEd EMEA is available here.  We also invite you to visit the HPE – SAP Alliance web site for more information on all the HPE – SAP solutions.        


medium_eu_renggli_5491.jpgUrs is part of the HPE Enterprise Group Marketing team at HPE. As global alliance marketing lead, he works closely with a number of strategic alliance Partners, including SAP and Capgemini. Urs has over 28 years of experience in the IT industry, including 20+ years in a variety of different marketing, sales and alliance leadership roles at Compaq, HP and HPE. He also spent 6 years in a number of regional and global roles at Microsoft Corporation.  

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