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Pick up on the “double play” sessions at HP Discover 2015 Las Vegas


By Greg Chabot


I just took another look today at the Session Catalog for HP Discover 2015 Las Vegas. Very impressive. Now up to  over 1,000 sessions.  Then I realized that no single attendee could ever attend all of these sessions, as impressive as they may be. A really dedicated person might be able to fit in 15, maybe 20. So how should people select the sessions to attend?


Discover 1.jpgI’d like to suggest that the “double play” sessions presented by HP and our alliance partners would be excellent choices.  That’s because these breakouts, demos, Discovery Theater sessions, etc., go beyond presenting information about the latest and greatest from HP. They also introduce you to proven, top-performing joint solutions from our alliance partners. It’s like getting twice the content and twice the value per session. How’s that for making great use of your time at HP Discover!

High-interest, high-value sessions
The joint sessions with HP’s alliance partners hit some of the hottest IT areas, including big data/analytics, mobility, cloud, and more. Here is the list of current HP – Alliance partner Business Breakout sessions. Click on the session number to go to the HP Discover 2015 Session Catalog entry:

  • Accenture: SAP S/4 HANA – What does it mean for your SAP Roadmap? Accenture and the HP Enterprise Group to discuss how together the two companies are continuing the success of its Solution-as-a-Service for SAP HANA, and expanding its Accenture HP Helion Private Cloud Solution with Tailored Data Center Integration alternatives and HANA capabilities. B1363
  • Sogeti: Data-driven decisions for healthcare - Unleash Enterprise Innovation3. Learn how your organization can easily unite your relational inpatient and outpatient data with non-relational data from public sources and social media, allowing you to capture and analyze the data that will effectively impact your decision-making processes. B1361
  • Citrix: Mobility: The Game-Changer for Your Organization.  Learn how to make critical decisions about optimizing your mobile workforce, build a mobility game plan, control the balance between security and access to data and provide a consistent, cross-device and multi-device user  experience. B1429
  • Deloitte: Is your cart leading your horse? Don’t let technology trump business priorities in cloud adoption. Find out the transformation of a business model enabled by digital disruption is what is truly the driving force behind the value of cloud computing … and what that means to you.  B1536
  • PwC:  DevOps demystified - People, process and tools to optimize your application services. Learn how to incorporate DevOps into their NGDC and TI strategies. Join us and start shrinking IT software delivery cycles to better enable business success. B1662
  • Red Hat: Standard, scalable, mission-critical x86 Linux.  Come explore how you can modernize your data center with standard, mission-critical x86 servers powered by HP Integrity Superdome X with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. B1539
  • VMware: Best practices for managing your environment with HP and VMware integrations. Discover the advantages of defining your converged infrastructure as series of templates that captures the best practices of a purposed virtualized infrastructure.  B1430

These double plays mean you’re “in”
While baseball’s double plays mean you’re out, HP Discover’s versions mean just the opposite. The “double play” sessions featuring HP and our alliance partners help you get “in” on joint solutions that can help you build the IT infrastructure you need for the new style of business.  

The HP Discover 2015 Las Vegas Agenda Builder goes live on April 15. The smart play is to get these sessions on your Discover schedule quickly, before they fill up. Look for blogs that will provide more in-depth information on each of the sessions listed above over the next few weeks. We will also make you aware of additional HP-Alliance sessions in future blogs as that information becomes available.         

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