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Project Synergy: Making things even simpler


By Steven Fleischman


After all the hype surrounding Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference in Orlando (July 12-16), it’s great to be in the office to take a step back and ponder the implications of what the announcements at both HP Discover and WPC means to HP and Microsoft customers. In my last blog, I promised to introduce you to some of the HP/Microsoft solutions that are enabling both small and large businesses to take advantage of new technologies that enable the New Style of Business.


If you weren’t in the Discover Zone at HP Discovery on June 3rd, you may easily have missed a significant announcement about Project Synergy. This is HP’s long-term initiative to enable a continuous delivery model for both applications and the underlying infrastructure by abstracting complexity and simplifying provisioning and management.


Enabling applications to manage infrastructure

When it comes to managing infrastructure, we’ve come a long way.  HP’s converged infrastructure initiative provided a single tool—HP OneView—for administrators to automate the provisioning and management of elastic pools of compute, storage, and fabric. HP OneView helps deliver applications and business services faster and more reliably by replacing multiple existing HP and non-HP legacy tools with a single, powerful converged management tool that masks the underlying infrastructure complexity with a simple, easy-to-use, task-centric interface. Developed using open standards and APIs, it simplifies things by enabling administrators to efficiently automate the lifecycle management of entire IT environments – compute, storage and networks.


Now imagine if we could take that one step further by removing the administrator from the equation and allowing applications to dynamically manage the infrastructure they require without the need for human infrastructure! Well, that’s what Project Synergy is all about: composable infrastructure. Convergence put servers, storage, and networks under a single management framework to simplify the provisioning of compute resources. Composable infrastructure allows applications to manage that framework without human intervention.


Composing, decomposing, and re-composing infrastructure

HP’s composable infrastructure is a new, dynamic class of infrastructure specifically designed to support the New Style of Business which demands a continuous delivery model not just for applications, but also for the systems underneath. For applications to take control of infrastructure, simplicity is a must. The underlying complexity must be abstracted so that developers can write a single line of code to acquire, expand, or release infrastructure resources based on the immediate needs of the workload. Fluid pools of disaggregated compute, storage, and fast, flexible fabric components must be quickly be composed, decomposed, or re-composed using software-defined intelligence and executed via templates designed to support specific workloads or applications.




As the first step to making this a reality, HP has released the Composable Infrastructure API to HP Alliance One members who join the HP Composable Infrastructure Partner Ecosystem Program. By integrating their applications with HP OneView using the API, ISVs can programmatically control infrastructure resources and dynamically manage the environment as required by the workload.


Microsoft and composable infrastructure: A head start

As one of the first partners to sign up for the program, Microsoft has got a head start on making composable infrastructure a reality for our joint customers. But what makes it even better is that HP OneView for Microsoft System Center already provides the integration required to seamlessly provision and manage both Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines and the underlying HP converged infrastructure with a single tool. Leveraging the Composable Infrastructure API will allow Microsoft to take integration to the next level by enabling Microsoft software to treat infrastructure as code.


For joint HP/Microsoft customers, this represents a huge advantage. It offers accelerated time-to-value with solutions that reduce the amount of time required to provision and manage them, and enables the continuous delivery of applications and services across Dev/Test/Production with policy-based automation of application and infrastructure deployments. It also supports both traditional IT environments and new ones supporting your digital business to maximize the economies of scale.


Just the beginning

Transitioning to a composable infrastructure that maximizes speed, agility, and efficiency with predictable performance is a journey, not a single step. The Composable Infrastructure API is just the first release that HP has planned as part of Project Synergy. As Microsoft and other ISVs rollout new releases of their software using the Composable Infrastructure API, you’ll be able to take immediate advantage of the opportunity to maximize administrative efficiencies and reduce costs while enabling continuous delivery.


To stay up-to-date with Project Synergy as things develop over the coming weeks and months, follow me at  @Fleishmantweet.


To learn more about HP’s strategy for Consumable Infrastructure, read the white paper HP Composable Infrastructure: Bridging traditional IT with the New Style of Business.


Steven Fleischman is a member of the HP Corporate Strategic Alliances team as a Microsoft and SAP Evangelist. He has been at HP for 10 years in various marketing, business development, and channel program roles working with Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP. Steven attended Syracuse University and St. John’s University and has a BS in Marketing with a focus on International Marketing.


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