Proven partnership where and when it counts: the HPE – Microsoft Alliance

By Jay Cherrington 

Every potential  company you're looking to partner with will be happy to tell you how wonderful they are when things are great. Solutions are flying out the door, sales and revenue are soaring. Testimonials from customers are pouring in. Life is good. 

But what happens when things don’t go so well? After all, this is the real world. Things can and do go wrong. What does the partnership look like then?

  • Do you feel the same cooperative spirit?
  • Do strong solutions sellers become committed problem solvers?
  • Does partnership encompass owning the issue as well as reaping the benefits? 

If you are partnering with HPE and Microsoft, the answer to these three questions is “yes.” If you have a moment during Microsoft Inspire, my HPE colleagues and I would like to discuss how partnering with us makes so much sense in so many ways.  Just stop by HPE Booth 729. We’ll be happy to meet with you. 

… because it works 

Inspire general photo 1.jpgHPE and Microsoft have had over 30 years to perfect their implementation of “partnership,” and we’ll continue to work to get it even better. In addition to our innovations and customer successes, one of the areas on which we work particularly hard is dealing effectively with the rough times – when customers have issues, when products or solutions don’t live up to expectations, where someone has dropped the ball or where we’ve fallen short. During these times, our experience and principles guide us to:   

  • Concentrate on the fix, not the fault. Every second spent assigning blame is time not spent on fixing the issue and delivering what our customers want: a solution. FAST!! So HPE and Microsoft work cooperatively to come up with that solution, just as we do in developing technology innovations that drive results. We also work as a unified team to implement the solution to the customer’s complete satisfaction -- because customers care about the fix, not the fault 
  • Fix it forever. HPE and Microsoft see every issue as an opportunity to improve the products, technologies, and process represented by the partnership. So once the issue is resolved, we work together to identify the cause and make the changes necessary that will result in better outcomes. And we incorporate the lessons we have learned from the issues we resolve into the development process for new technologies and solutions. 

See how it works in person 

hybrid cloud panel photo.jpgI will be chairing a Luncheon and Panel discussion on Hybrid Cloud as part of the Microsoft Inspire activities on Monday, July 16 from 12:00 – 1:30 p.m. at the Border Grill – HPE Hospitality Suite. It’s conveniently located right outside the Microsoft Inspire Show Floor at the Mandalay Bay Resort. You’ll hear from experts from HPE, Microsoft and our partner, HIAG Data, about the major opportunities available to you with the HPE software-defined solution portfolio in general and HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack, specifically. Just as important, you’ll see first-hand how the power of partnering is multiplied when your partners are HPE and Microsoft. Register here to attend.   

Many companies we have spoken with have looked for their partners during tough situations, only to realize that they were nowhere to be found. Thanks to our 30-year partnership, HPE and Microsoft know that approach doesn’t work. We also know what does. So expect us to be with you at all times – great or not – to work it all with you. 

Please stop by and see us at Booth 729 at Inspire. We have experts with a combined 350+ years of HPE-Microsoft experience who can tell you all about how well we can partner with you. 

Complete information about all the HPE sessions and events at Microsoft Inspire is available here. 


medium_amcherring0517.jpgJay Cherrington currently directs the Global Microsoft Strategic Alliance for HPE.  Prior to this role, he has held several leadership positions at both the global and regional level at HPE, working with both Microsoft and several partners across multiple vertical industries, including Communications and Media, Health and Life Sciences, and Public Sector. Located in the Seattle, Washington area, Jay holds an undergraduate degree from Texas A&M University and a Masters of Business Administration from University of Washington.   


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