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Put your SMB data to work with HP Flex-Bundles with Microsoft SQL Server 2014


Customer-generated data is everywhere in your small to midsized business (SMB). From sales transactions and customer histories, to stock and delivery data (and more), you are tasked with tracking and analyzing a wealth of data to inform your future business decisions.


You are not alone. Big Data, consisting mainly of numbers, words, and combinations of both, is growing exponentially with rapid advancements in technology. Not surprisingly, IDC reports that the Big Data technology and services market will hit $16.1 billion this year and is projected to become a $32.4 billion sector by 2017’s end.[1]


How can SMBs effectively and efficiently handle all of this data? They can implement data management platforms that analyze sales, customer information, marketing, and accounting with tailored applications. In addition to business intelligence (BI) and analytics, data warehousing, and online transaction processing (OLTP), these solutions improve data security.


Ultimately, data management solutions can optimize SMB customer data to achieve advanced reporting and metrics, reduced costs with streamlined operations and increased efficiencies, accurately forecasted sales trends, and enhanced data protection.

With limited IT budgets, how can SMBs access a quality data management solution? HP Flex-Bundles with Microsoft SQL Server 2014 are specifically designed for SMBs, and provide a common set of Microsoft tools for installing and managing databases – whether on-site or in the cloud. With pre-defined configurations based on stage of business development, the platform is affordable and can grow along with your business.


SMBs can boost efficiencies and productivity by accessing data-driven applications for sales, customer information, and accounting. The platform’s enhanced security features deliver data and investment protection. Customized to stage of business development and future growth, it provides workload options for online transaction processing (OLTP), data warehousing, and business intelligence and analytics. These workloads are designed for high-performance and cost-effectiveness, so no add-ons are required.




SMBs with OLTP needs – whether just starting out, growing, or experienced – can access an HP Flex-Bundles for SMB OLTP with MS SQL Server 2014 solution based on their specific transaction processing system (TPS) needs (from less than 2,000 TPS up to over 5,000 TPS).

This solution enables swift deployment of line of business (LoB) applications, which accelerates data access and decision-making. It effectively solves issues related to order entry, accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), retail sales, and e-commerce. It is also a single, scalable, robust platform for consolidating OLTP applications with low acquisition costs and ease of management.


When you are ready to further enhance your data management platform, it is time for a data warehouse, which offers a consolidated view of all historical data for better decision-making. HP Flex-Bundles for SMBs Data Warehousing DW with Microsoft SQL Server 2014 provides new features like the In-Memory Columnstore Indexes to speed query performance. This tool delivers a rapid solution for extracting, cleaning, merging, and populating your data warehouse for a clear view of where your business has been and where it is headed.


The final piece of your data management platform is scaling to a business intelligence (BI) solution to enable the analysis of measurable aspects of your business. HP Flex-Bundles for SMBs BI with Microsoft SQL Server 2014 can analyze sales performance, profitability, operational efficiency, effectiveness of marketing campaigns, market penetration among certain customer groups, and cost trends. With its sophisticated reporting and analysis capabilities, it also makes accurate projections based on past data.


HP is continuously building and improving its data management solutions to assist SMBs like yours with competing in the new economy. To learn more about HP Flex-Bundles for SMBs visit and be sure to join the Coffee Coaching community onFacebookTwitterYouTube, and LinkedIn.




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