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Quick Demo: Expand Smart Array Disk Capacity Using HP ProLiant ACU


Jeff Yeh, HP Software Engineer on the HP Smart Storage Applications team, walks through the Expand Array function using the Array Configuration Utility (ACU) for HP ProLiant. Expand Array allows unassigned drives to be added to an array that has already been created.


Jeff in his demonstration will be using ACU running online in Windows 2012 and he will expand an Array which contains a RAID 0 logical drive.


*Alternatively ACU is accesible offline by booting it from a CD or USB drive or if you have a Gen8 server you can access it via Intelligent Provisioning


When expanding an array that contains logical drives with other RAID levels, restrictions may be placed on how many drives are required to expand the array, or a migration to a different RAID level may be required to expand the array. 







For more information on the Expand Array operation and HP Smart Array Controllers see the following reference links:


ACU Documentation

Configuring Arrays on Hp Smart Array Controllers Reference Guide


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