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READ ME FIRST…Windows Server 2012 Essentials


 by Guest Blogger Mark Wood,

Director, OEM HP Management at Microsoft


READ ME FIRST … please, before watching the new video about Windows Server 2012 Essentials we’ve posted on Coffee Coaching.


Like every other video on this YouTube Channel, it is a quick cup of training for you, our community of SMB IT experts.


However, unlike our other videos, what it is teaching is not technology, but sales.


Now, we want you to know we’re not confused about why you come to Coffee Coaching. It’s not changing to a sales site or an end user site. And we fully understand that many, probably most, Coffee Coaching experts would rather spend a day sorting out DNS & AD rather than 5 minutes cold-calling and selling a new service to a potential new client.


Realistically, though, you know you have to sell the value of your services to your customers. And one of the tough sales propositions you occasionally face is helping a small business understand why they need their first server.


That’s what this new video is all about. It’s written by sales professionals, and animated by a “white boarding” expert, to illustrate how you can talk to an SMB business owner about the (non-technical) benefits of a server in non-technical language. If you are artistically inclined, you might also pick up some good ideas on how to illustrate server benefits with simple graphics.


So please watch this video like you watch other Coffee Coaching videos: ready to learn new skills that you can turn into new value and new income. Then when you’re done,  post your feedback here. Was it a good use of your valuable 5 minutes? Can we do it better? Should we do it at all? Are there other selling scenarios we should address? We are posting this video on Coffee Coaching as an experiment.





Let us know if we discovered penicillin, or just a moldy orange.


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