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ROK your ProLiant Servers Sales!


So, what is this amazing solution (and how do your customers get it)?


Your customers can get all of these benefits from three little letters… ROK (also known as HP Microsoft Windows Server Reseller Option Kit). 


Did you know that HP ROK is the very same Windows Operating system one would get directly from Microsoft? However, HP, as a Microsoft OEM partner, is able to customize, tune and optimize Windows Server specifically for our ProLiant servers, and is packaged with the latest drivers and installation tools for fast and easy deployment.


ROK is sold as a server option on the same price list as memory, hard drives, and processors, which customers can get through HP’s reseller partners, and is designed to be the most cost-effective way to license a Windows Server OS for any HP ProLiant server. When a customer orders a server from their HP reseller, the reseller can preinstall the chosen Windows Operating system to deliver a solution that is customized to their needs (and immediately ready to use upon arrival). For customers or partners who require installation assistance, ROK comes with 90 days of free installation support directly from HP, using the same support phone number as HP servers.


For our HP reseller partners that are reading this blog, you are probably thinking this sounds great for your customers, but may also be wondering if ROK has any benefits for you. The answer is yes! HP ROK offers you flexibility; you can stock  it like any other ProLiant option and install on any Windows Server ProLiant certified server. HP ROK also gives you convenience as it is the fastest and easiest way for your customers to purchase their OS when they purchase a new server , with no additional licensing forms or website downloads required.). 


Learn more about HP Microsoft Windows Server Reseller Option Kits at: and by following Coffee Coaching conversation in Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.


Happy Weekend folks!


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