SAP and HPE can get you in the best shape ever for your journey to the digital enterprise

By Dr. Chris Nokkentved

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I long ago gave up on my quest to get back in the great shape I was in back when (note that I didn’t say “way back when.”). I’m still in pretty good shape, but certainly not the best shape ever. There are some things a body just won’t do as you get older.

But there’s absolutely nothing that prevents me from helping Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) clients get in the best shape ever for the journey to the digital enterprise with SHAPE. This approach from HPE and SAP delivers results faster and more predictably to help you compress the “time to value” towards a digital business model.

Shaping up
SHAPE stand for “SAP and HPE Accelerate Platform Engagement.” The approach is based on the following six differentiating accelerators that have been proven to deliver results:

  1. Engineered, Accelerated Simplification – SHAPE bundles a tools-driven solution assessment approach that exposes complexity and obsolescence in custom code, data and business logic. This helps the business simplify and streamline business processes and underlying SAP and non-SAP integrated solutions prior to migrations to S/4 HANA and Managed Cloud.
  2.  Industry-aligned, Focused Value Impact – SHAPE’s value estimators quantifying the value impact of the combined transformation provided by S/4 HANA and Managed Cloud will enable business to focus the business case on capabilities that will affect TCO as well as business velocity, flexibility and decision accuracy.
  3. Context-aligned Model Business Prototyping – SHAPE provides an S/4 HANA on Managed Cloud prototyping environment for experimenting and preparing the organization for the comparative assessment during realization.
  4. Combined Landscape and Application transformation Roadmap –Migration of applications, databases and middleware leverages a number of accelerators from SAP and HPE, which helps to estimate the actual timing and adaptation to the customer’s own release schedule. By taking the constraints of the organization in the release planning, enables the creation of a more pragmatic roadmap of deployment and eases organizational change and stakeholder alignment.
  5. Agile Realization Methodology – SHAPE minimizes the risk of failure by taking an end-to-end view of the transformation with detailed transformation accelerators for migration of application business logic, user-interfaces, data integration and replication as well as analytics repatriation to the S/4 HANA core. As an added benefit, the Activate enhanced methodology will be then institutionalized in the company, enabling both waterfall and agile development approaches depending on the context of the applications.
  6. Optimized Application and Platform Operations –As part of SHAPE’s deliverables, HPE and SAP have established an aligned “Run SAP as a Factory” tools-enabled and workflow-driven approach to operations. This enables a nextgen IT Operating Model that optimizes some of the key value streams in operations and projects like Detect to Correct, Request to Fulfill and Requirements to Deploy. Further optimization can be directly activated in this ITOM platform that provides the right focus for continuous business model improvement.

Come find out more about SHAPE by visiting the HPE Booth - #127 – this week at SAPPHIRE. You’ll come away feeling great and readier than ever to take on a successful and profitable journey to the digital enterprise.

Accelerate Live with HPE at SAPPHIRE NOW
Success today is defined by the ability to turn ideas into value faster than your competition. With Hewlett Packard Enterprise and SAP it’s almost unfair. HPE enables you to accelerate your digital transformation and deliver business outcomes that empower you to Run Live.
Visit HPE at booth #127 at SAPPHIRE® NOW to learn more about our solutions, services and co-innovation initiatives.
When: May 17-19, 2016
Where: Orange County Convention Center Orlando, Florida
Booth: #127

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