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SMBs are buying CRM solutions like crazy – see what the right storage can do for you


In a recent 2015 Enterprise Strategy Group study “Acquiring and Retaining Customers: Designing storage for small- and medium-sized companies” the most-cited data-intensive applications organizations deployed or intended to deploy over the next 12 months was business analytics, and 59% of the organizations surveyed performed real-time analytics.  Why?  Because effective CRM products help SMBs acquire and retain more customers.


Capitalize on this selling opportunity by guiding your SMB customers to the right storage products to support their CRM solutions.  Here’s how:


Building the Foundation

To help your SMB customers build a CRM solution, focus on the underlying IT infrastructure so it can effectively support advanced analytics. The scalability (ability to process a growing amount of work) and low-latency (pure speed) of storage comes into play. For SMB’s simplicity, reliability and affordability are equally important.


The Role of Storage in CRM

Having the right storage is key. The velocity of data moving through an organization varies from batch integration and loading of data at predetermined intervals to real-time streaming.  In a moment of interaction, information can be captured, mapped against other data, and then stored in the right place for further processing. If the information gathered is pertinent to the situation at hand, storage in low-latency storage technologies such as SSD and flash provides the ability to cache and process data quickly for real-time decision-making processes. If real-time use of data is not necessary, choose an archival method such as disk or tape for future data retrieval


Choosing the Right Storage Products

HP’s Just Right IT storage balances cost and performance with simple management, scalable performance and high availability that is priced right for SMBs. HP understands that data-intensive applications such as advanced analytics are just as important for your SMB customers as they are to larger businesses. 

Learn more about HP Just Right IT storage for SMBs.


1  2015 by Scott Sinclair of ESG

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