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Saturday Coffee Coaching Series Part 1: SMB IT Obstacles, Challenges, Roadblocks



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By Diana Zavala

WW HP Server Software Marketing


SMB IT Obstacles, Challenges, Roadblocks—huh? Catchy title isn’t it and something you can probably relate with, especially when you have 100’s of things pulling you in all directions day in and day out.


This, as well, as my next several blogs will be directed to those that fall into the realm of the SMB environment. I thought I’d focus on writing about personal experience, but then came to the realization, “I can’t relate my stories to all of you guys because even though we are in the “SMB” world, every SMB is very different.” Prior to arriving at HP, I worked for several SMB companies and I must say, SMB owners and managers, by necessity, become a jack of all trades. My first job was with the commercial family business where I learned and acted on many functional roles. In my second job, I was a marketing intern for a digital company where scheduling time with the owner was difficult because he was primary focused on his customers, followed by sales, operations and finally marketing. Managing a small and medium business demands that you learn a lot so you can make smart decisions (quickly) to move the business forward! But I won’t play a violin and go into all the challenges you face, I’ll only play a few notes that harmonize with IT challenges. With the help and thanks to my colleague Tanushree Sharma we found data to pinpoint your IT challenges:


First, the research indicated that you are probably one of the following in SMB market[1] that:

  • 74% use smart phones
  • 84% use laptops
  • 60% allow employees to telecommute
  • 50% are more dependent on technology
  • 40% manage their own tech support


And if you are not, then stop reading and close this window. But if you are, stay with me and help me confirm that the following research is accurate. 


National Small Business Association and Techaigle, a global SMB ICT Market Research and Industry Analyst organization, have released research studies identifying SMB top challenges. Interesting that they both said that the number #1 IT challenge was related to money.  After further reviewing both studies, we concluded that your top IT challenges are:

  1. IT costs
  2. IT complexities
  3. Full impact of IT investment


Now, I’ll be honest: I probably won’t be able to solve all your problems, and I’ll do my best to offer an SMB server management solution to help you address these IT challenges.


In case you missed it, I’ll niche into trying to solve your server management challenges with an SMB solution. Hint, hint, I’ll talk server management and in the series of our conversation, I’ll talk iLO Essentials.


Haven’t heard about iLO Essentials? Learn more here and remember that you can try it for 60 days. For more SMB solutions, visit the Just Right IT page. (Sorry, had to put in my marketing pitch there).


Till next time, we’ll talk about your SMB IT environment……



PS: Don’t forget to check out inbox before you leave.


[1] National Small Business Association: 2013 Small Business Technology Survey,  

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