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Saturday Coffee Coaching Series: Top reasons why HP iLO improves server management



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By Diana Zavala.

WW HP Server Software Marketing.


HP engineers are continuously developing new and innovative firmware to make the task of managing small and medium business servers easier—all without interfering with the Windows operating system (OS). One of these innovations, HP Integrated Lights-Outs (iLO) (embedded in all HP ProLiant Servers) offers remote server management and has been a key differentiator for HP Servers with Windows OS for many years.  As reviewed in some of my previous posts, iLO has received both customer and  industry recognition for its capability to effectively handle server system management.


So what are these differentiators? Here are a several features to consider:

  •          Integrated Remote Console brings all the remote management capabilities together—saving time and travel costs - by enabling remote configuration management of any server setting though live server screen views remotely . iLO Virtual Media gives you the capability of  deploying your server remotely. Remote Console gives you, the administrator, access to a virtual keyboard and mouse.    
  •          Anytime, anywhere access via the web or the iLO Mobile App. Web accessibility lets you login and see your server remotely –which in turn expedites response time. TheiLO Mobile App also lets you perform the same functions using a mobile app device as if you were logged into the web. Both features provide you with access to and management control of your server anytime, anywhere.
  •          Server Monitoring

o   System Information lets you monitor fans, temperature power and more to help you save energy and reduce costs.

o   Management settings provides notification alerts in different ways to provide your IT team the flexibility on how they get contacted.

o   Integrated Management Log tracks server issues to keep you informed and prevent future downtime.

  •          iLO Firmware gives you the ability to update the iLO firmware, System Programmable Logic Device, SL chassis firmware, HP ProLiant System Read-Only Memory (ROM) and power management controller without interfering with your Windows OS, preventing downtime or slowing down of applications you may be using to operate your business.


Are you ready to try it for yourself?  Learn more about iLO Essentials or take it for a test drive and try it for 60 days.


Want to learn more about how HP can you help further streamline your IT environment?  Check out Just Right IT (JRIT) solutions where you can learn about HP Servers Flex-Bundles for Microsoft Hyper-V and assemble the right combination of HP products and proven application options to achieve your desired business outcomes.



PS: Are you already an iLO user?  Tell us your top reasons for how this solution best works for you!



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