Save Time and Money with HPE Windows Server Reseller Option Kit (ROK) Licensing

Windows Server 2019 & HPE ProLiant Gen10 Servers

For organizations looking to upgrade their IT infrastructure, HPE servers running Windows Server 2019 is a great choice with many new and improved hybrid capabilities, advanced multilayer security, faster innovation for applications, and unprecedented hyper converged features.

To simplify the process of getting new systems, customers can purchase Windows Server 2019 licenses directly from Hewlett Packard Enterprise along with their new servers. HPE delivers OEM Windows Server 2019 licenses in a variety of ways allowing businesses to access the infrastructure that matches their IT needs (and budget).

HPE OEM Windows Server Reseller Option Kit (ROK)

To ensure customers purchase the best HPE ProLiant Server and Windows Server edition for their specific business and IT needs, HPE offers OEM Windows Server Reseller Option Kit (ROK) licensing. ROK licensing allows resellers to preinstall the Windows Server operating system (OS) to deliver a solution that is entirely customized to the customer's needs, and immediately ready to use. This licensing model provides many benefits to both customers and resellers.


First, let’s look at the customer benefits.
 - Affordable: ROK licensing is the most affordable licensing for many small and midsize businesses.
 - Simplified purchasing: ROK licensing gives customers a one-stop-shop for purchasing their server, server software, and
Streamlined support: with ROK licensing, customers get support for their servers and software from HPE and HPE
    provides 90 days of free installation support to help get the systems up and running.

As I mentioned, the benefits of ROK aren’t just for customers but also for resellers. Resellers can flexibly stock, sell, and install Windows Server ROK operating systems as they would any other server option on HPE supported servers that is certified with Windows Server 2019. This means that resellers can offer servers and server operating systems with no additional licensing forms or downloads required.


Windows Server 2008 End of Life

Don’t forget, Windows Server 2008 End of Support is coming soon (January 14, 2020). Migrations take time so organizations cannot put off migrating to a supported generation of Windows Server. With HPE Servers and HPE OEM Windows Server ROK you can migrate with simple, affordable options such as Rapid Setup Software. 

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