Server basics: HPE ProLiant Gen10 Server types for SMBs

In last week’s blog we went back to the beginning of server basics and answered the question, “What is a Server?” Today, we will explain the different types of servers that are available for SMBs, and examine the HPE ProLiant Gen10 Server family.

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HPE ProLiant Gen10 Servers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Understanding the different server families can help you to select the best server(s) for your SMB customers’ specific business needs. Today we will look at HPE ProLiant Gen10 MicroServer, Tower Servers, and Rack Servers which can all be great options for small and midsized businesses. 

Micro Servers
Micro Servers are a type of server specifically designed to be used for small and midsized businesses. They are enclosed in standalone housing as Tower Servers are, but Micro Servers are typically much smaller, more compact servers. This type of server may appeal to SMBs due to the combination of form factor, cost, and functionality.

The HPE ProLiant Gen10 MicroServer delivers an affordable, compact, entry-level server specifically designed for small offices and small business environments. This compact and easy to use server can be placed almost anywhere and provides simple access to hard drives, memory, and PCIe slots for easy management, installation, and upgrades.

Tower Servers

Tower Servers are servers that are designed to stand alone. The housing of tower servers is similar in size and shape to a tower-style personal computer. This is in contrast to rack servers which are designed to be rack-mounted (we will explain that more in the next section). Tower servers can be ideal for SMBs, remote and branch offices, and growing businesses.

HPE ProLiant ML (Tower) Gen10 Servers can help your SMB customers lower their costs, boost their productivity, and keep their businesses running smoothly with servers that provide the options, tools, and support they need.  
Learn more about the HPE ProLiant ML Gen10 Servers: 


HPE ProLiant ML110 Gen10 Server

HPE ProLiant ML350 Gen10 Server

Rack Servers
While tower servers are designed to stand alone, rack servers are designed to be installed in a framework called a rack, which containers multiple mounting slots (bays) each designed to hold a server securely in place. A single rack can house several servers (stacked one above the other) helping customers consolidate network resources and minimize required floor space.

HPE ProLiant DL (Rack) Gen10 Servers can help your SMB customers simplify Hybrid IT and create a new compute experience. These servers are suited for SMBs for which IT is a strategic priority and come in a variety of form factors from 1U to 4U (this means they can take up 1 to 4 rack units each). Choose from a family of versatile, resilient, software-defined servers suited to diverse workloads and controlled through a single infrastructure management solution.
Learn more about the HPE ProLiant DL Gen10 Servers: 

HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen10 Server

HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 Server

HPE ProLiant DL325 Gen10 Server

HPE ProLiant DL385 Gen10 Server

HPE ProLiant DL560 Gen10 Server

HPE ProLiant DL580 Gen10 Server

Windows Server Licensing from HPE
Remember, every server needs its ideal server operating system to run at its best! HPE offers Windows Server  2016 licensing to pair with your customers HPE ProLiant Gen10 Servers. 

HPE Reseller Option Kit (ROK) Windows Server licensing offers resellers and customers many benefits:
  - Simplest most cost effective license for many small and midsize businesses
  - Complimentary 90 day installation and warranty support contract from HPE
  - One stop shop for server, operating system, and CALs
  - OS and drivers pre-tested and optimized for your hardware
  - Includes downgrade and virtual machine portability rights

HPE Small Business Solutions with Windows Server 2016
Get off to a fast start with tailored SMB solutions: deploy balanced IT that is simple, secure, and affordable. HPE Small Business Solutions are easy-to-use server solution packages with everything needed to get started with on-premises or Hybrid IT server infrastructure. Lab-tested and verified, these solutions ensure a reliable, cost-effective, performance-tuned solution for your business IT needs.
Learn more about each of these SMB solutions:

Storage and backup: Store, back up, and share your data and applications in a secure central server with Microsoft Windows Server 2016

Virtualization: run more of your applications on a single server and increase operational efficiency with Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2016

Multi-functionality: Consolidate multiple functions that run on several severs and appliance onto a single server with Microsoft Windows Server 2016

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