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Smart Storage: How to view SDD Wear Gauge Report


The Smart SSD Wear Gauge report contains information on the current usage level and expected lifetime remaining of Solid State Drives attached to the system.


The HP ProLiant Array Diagnostics and SmartSSD Wear Gauge Utility (GUI and CLI) for Windows contains a web browser based graphical user interface as well as a command line version of the tool that gathers diagnostic information, including SmartSSD Wear, and creates a report of all HP storage controllers and disk drives.


This report provides vital information to HP service personnel to assist in identifying faults or conditions that may require attention. You can download it  at the HP ProLiant Array Diagnostics and SmartSSD Wear Gauge Utility web page.



In the video, Steven shows several examples where the SSD Wear Status provides reporting on remaining usage of the SSD’s.





For more details on the information displayed within this report, you can visit the application help page by clicking the Help button at the top right corner of SmartSSD Wear Gauge Utility.


The SmartSSD Wear Gauge report can be generated and viewed using HP's Array Diagnostics and SmartSSD Wear Gauge Utility or HP’s Array Configuration Utility. There is also a command line interface for HP’s Array Configuration Utility that can be used to generate this report. 


Please see the following for more information about HP ProLiant and HP Smart Array RAID controllers:


ACU Documentation

Configuring Arrays on Hp Smart Array Controllers Reference Guide


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