So many smart moves – the second day of SAP Sapphire 2017

By Peter Koslowski

There’s nothing like standing on the floor of the SAP Sapphire 2017 event center to experience the feeling that progress, innovation, and some very, very smart moves are happening all around you.

That’s definitely what I experienced on the second day of the event. Here are a couple of reasons why.

Intelligent Future
The second day of Sapphire always opens with a keynote from SAP’s co-founder and chairman, Hasso Plattner. He usually picks the top innovation topic for his speech, and this year focused on intelligent business applications. You’ll definitely enjoy this quote from Hasso:

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"People simply cannot go to their jobs and work on ancient systems when, at home, they are working more efficiently on their iPhones and iPads. With in-memory technology, we can solve these issues and much more.”

Simplified data models and in-memory computing available with technologies like SAP HANA will drive “unbelievable business results,” according to Hasso. And he brought up the example of the “Boardroom of the Future” application powered by HANA and LEONARDO, bringing together all company's executive functions and lines of business: the CEO, sales, marketing, R&D, production, etc. It’s a system that replaces powerpoints, speadsheets and tons of paper reports. The process is stimulated by questions fed to the application, based on data collected throughout the entire company. It introduces the vision of people sitting together and working from facts - all using real data with no one being able to hide anything. According to Hasso, it’s a massive change. It’s hard not to agree.

Your Core | Your Edge
Drew Iacone had the opportunity to deliver HPE’s POV on a large session stage at the convention. Hi presentation focused on the ability to bring together Edge (Operational Technology) and Core (Information Technology) to power SAP’s vision of intelligent future. Drew and I repeated a short version of the session several times at our booth theatre. I strongly believe we are uniquely positioned to power business systems leveraging in-memory computing, artificial intelligence and Edge to Core convergence like the one presented by Hasso. This is all thanks to our second-to-none expertise and experience in the industry infrastructure portfolio spanning compute for HANA with Synergy as the latest addition, our 3PAR, XP7, StoreOnce storage and Edgeline IoT systems. And I strongly believe our customers are ready to share their visions with us and engage us to make this all happen!koslowski.jpg

Moving on
As you read this, SAP SAPPHIRE 2017 will be coming to a close. I will come back with a Day 3 summary. Look for that tomorrow. But if you weren’t able to travel to the event, just take a quick trip to the HPE – SAP Alliance web site where you’ll find complete information on everything that the HPE – SAP Alliance can provide. Smart move.

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