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Spend more time driving business value and less time on troubleshooting



By Lisa Wolfe.

Worldwide EG SMB Strategy and Marketing Leader.



Your clients expect to be able to interact with your company – anywhere, at any time and from any device – downtime is not an option. Your limited IT staff cannot afford to be spending time on troubleshooting IT problems that could have been prevented proactively. 


If it does, you’re not alone. A large percentage of SMBs have IT departments that spend a great deal of time working exclusively on problem resolution. We frequently speak to IT managers that tell us how they would like to be of more value to their companies if they only had the tools to prevent IT problems before they happen.


Fortunately, we can help. Here’s how.


HP’s ProActive Insight Architecture,  part of HP’s ProLiant Gen8 servers  –   puts the power of  predicting and resolving potential problems before they happen in your hands – with tools that continuously analyze thousands of system parameters to optimize application performance, proactively improve uptime through automation, and give the IT staff insights into every aspect of the infrastructure.  Your  team can spend less time on solving problems and be up and running faster when the do occur – leaving you more time to deliver business value.


While the HP ProActive Insight Architecture encompasses various features that help keep your systems up and running, we will take a quick look at three of these.


-          HP Active Health System – Provides continuous health monitoring of more than 1,600 system parameters and delivers comprehensive configuration changes logs to troubleshoot and solve problems faster. When it’s time for your IT manager to detect or communicate sources of failure, the legwork has been mostly done. And if it’s about to prevent those problems from happening, Active Health has you covered as well: it’s always on so you can foresee things that might go wrong and tune up aspects of the infrastructure that need optimization.

-          HP Insight Online Management might be another pain point identified by your IT staff. With the  cloud-based infrastructure management and support portal  your team can easily track service and support cases, view device configurations, and proactively monitor HP contracts, warranties, reports, and relevant service information. Through simplified IT operations anywhere, anytime, they can rest assured that support and maintenance events will be taken care of in a timely manner, giving them the confidence and bandwidth to work on projects that add more value to the business.

-          HP Smart Update Manager Have the IT folks ever needed to update more than one system or device at once? Perhaps yes, but this takes time. HP SUM takes that burden off their shoulders. With this solution they can reduce unplanned downtimes during online updates by 93% while deploying firmware upgrades with ease. And 69% less operating time during updates? Not a bad deal.



To sum it all up: you know that starting and growing businesses like yours cannot remain idle for long periods of time if you wish to deliver an exceptional customer experience each and every time. With the automated protection and cost-effective business continuity tools that HP ProLiant Gen8 servers and Windows Server 2012 R2 bring to the table, you can now easily achieve maximum uptime and productivity while allowing members of the IT department to give more to the organization. So choose the right ProLiant Gen8 server and pair it with a proper edition of Windows Server2012 R2. Your business will thank you when you start adding up the savings and your IT staff will appreciate being able to make a sizeable contribution to your success.


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