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Split a Mirrored Disk Set for ProLiant Servers using Smart Array’s Array Configuration Utility


Javier Takimoto, HP Senior Software Engineer in the Software Management team responsible for Array Utility Configuration (ACU), shows you how to split a mirrored disk set in ACU.


The benefits of splitting a Mirrored Disk or having two copies of data can be useful for the following purposes:


  • You can remove one set of physical drives and store them in a safe place as backup drives.
  • You can make modifications to the data in one set of drives, while keeping the data in the other set as a security backup.
  • One set of drives can be removed and inserted into another server as the means to quickly replicate the data.



The hardware and software requirements to Split a Mirrored Disk are as follows:



HP ProLiant Server with a Smart Array Controller.  *Note: Some controllers may require a Smart Array Advance Pack license. Please see our ACU documentation for details. Configuring Arrays on Hp Smart Array Controllers Reference Guide



ACU version 8.30 or later.


Watch Javier’s video as he takes you through the demonstration explaining further about the RAID settings needed and how to perform this feature in ACU.





HP’s split mirror functionality allows you to take advantage of the properties of mirrored arrays to quickly and efficiently make snapshot copies of your data. This gives you an easy and powerful tool to instantaneously make backup copies of data which you can either keep safe, or quickly and efficiently replicate to different servers.


For more information about HP Smart Array Controllers see the following reference links:


ACU details can be found here



Please provide us with feedback if you have questions or found this video helpful.


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