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Tag – you’re it! What it takes to win the new games of the Digital Age


 by Annmarie Logue


I grew up in a neighborhood full of children. Certainly, we played all the games common to our area of the world:  kick-the-can, hide-and-go-seek, tag, dodge ball, baseball, football, etc. You name it. We played it. Yet, we were a rambunctious group, always wanting to explore the possibilities. So, every once in a while one of the neighborhood gang would invent a game. The rest of us would need to learn how to play—and how to win—on the fly.

This same ability to learn on the fly is essential in today’s Digital Age.  We live in a business climate characterized by awesome advancements. We also live in business times of unprecedented newness. And, unlike the invented games of our childhood, we seldom have someone helping us learn the rules, behaviors and best winning strategies as we progress.

That’s why I am excited to have the rare chance to gain insights for navigating today’s new business trajectories from thought leaders in the Digital Age. Carlo Galliardi, PwC Principal for Strategy & Digital, will be a featured speaker at HP Discover 2014 Barcelona. Joining Carlo will be Paul Evans, HP, a leading technologist and innovator for bringing the vision of the Digital Age to life. Mark your agenda to attend session DT5889 - The World is in Beta: Digital customer experience in the digital age on December 2, in theater 5.5, Hall 5 at 9:45 a.m. local time.   

Together, Carlo and Paul will share insights on the direction of technology, inevitable new business models, and emerging behaviors of technologically sophisticated consumers. In pulling back the curtain on the new dynamics of competitive advantage in the Digital Age, Carlo and Paul will describe what winning leaders are doing to get and stay ahead.  Carlo and Paul will show you why, more important than a digital strategy, is crystallizing your business strategy for the Digital Age.

We’ll see you there! Winning in the Digital Age is an entirely new game. Join for this discussion and get the insights you need to succeed.  


Complete information about HP Discover Barcelona 2014 is available on the event site.

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