Taming “Jaws”—have your own shark attack

By Annmarie Logue

“Shark Tank,” is an appropriate name for the television show that places entrepreneurs in front of accomplished investors to shark.jpgpitch business models in the hopes of securing funding for the next stages of growth. I watched an episode the other night. I couldn’t help but think…in today’s fast-paced, constantly changing business climate, aren’t all of us intra/entrepreneurs facing our own shark-infested waters?  

Mustn’t each of our businesses be smart in idea creation, fast in prototype iteration, wise about resource utilization, agile in adapting to market responses—and constant in doing all of these things simultaneously, while not losing focus? Isn’t every business today in its own “Shark Tank,” as competitive predators strive to take a bite out of market share and margins?

HPE strategic alliance partner PwC, the world’s largest professional services firm, wisely speaks from its vast client base when it says that today, you don’t need a digital strategy, but instead you need a business strategy for the digital age.  

Where do you start?

First, recognize your business is making one transformation—one transformation with interrelated streams that are all required, all linked and all overlap. To ready your business to lead in the idea economy, you must start by seeing the sum of the whole, while being disciplined on execution excellence on each of its parts.

Start with the right strategy—the right business strategy for your unique core competencies to win in the digital age. Keep the digital customer experience as your north star as you devise and refine your business strategy.  

Next, be sure to operationalize all critical success factors. A good place to begin is with agile methodologies, most significantly building a culture of DevOps. DevOps is an approach emphasizing rapid, small, iterative development and deployment of applications to better react to and meet customer needs. It is characterized by a cultural shift where Dev and Ops function as one team, focused on delivering business value. The focus is on streamlining across the IT value chain.

Build agility into your IT
As an integral complement to a core cultural shift, build agility into your IT. Hybrid IT that factors in the competing realities of digital and legacy technologies is the best approach for nearly every business.  Blending on-premise, private cloud and public cloud, Hybrid IT is helping CIOs master delivery of change at the speed of business.

With the right business strategy in place, a DevOps cultural shift in motion and progression to a hybrid IT environment, you’re ready to address the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of the digital age:  achieving the insights to be gained from harnessing your data, while at the same time keeping the precious asset of data well protected from cyber-attacks.

Who can help you plan pragmatically and execute optimally at each stage as you progress from business strategy through cultural shift, hybrid IT transformation, big data and cybersecurity? HPE and PwC, building upon a 35+ year relationship of trust and results, can help you accelerate your business and IT transformation. From strategy through execution for each aspect of the transformation, HPE and PwC are helping enterprise clients around the world lead in the digital age and achieve what had been only possibilities at the dawn of the idea economy.  

Begin by learning more. If you’ll be at HPE Discover 2015 London, join HPE and PwC in the following sessions:

If you can’t make it to Discover London this year, regularly visit to learn how HPE and PwC are helping businesses like yours from strategy through DevOps, hybrid IT, big data, cybersecurity and more.  

Stay out of shark waters. And, when you find yourself in those waters, as all companies do these days, have what it takes to bite back. Together, HPE and PwC are accelerating business and IT transformation for companies like yours.

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