Teach your customers how to manage growth and increase business with virtualization

Your customers are looking for the best return on their investment.  Shared, virtualized servers, storage and networking allows them to modernize their IT infrastructure, consolidate, and reduce costs.  Virtualization drives down costs through:

  • Improved asset use, consolidating applications on fewer, more powerful servers
  • Increased application availability, replicating data or applications between servers
  • Centralized management via a virtualized resource management console

Here are how some SMBs are using virtualization today to manage their growing environments:

Virtualization eliminates single points of failure 

Forrest Lucas and his company have one of the fastest-growing businesses in the consumer automotive industry today.  Its IT environment was built mostly on a single application-per-server model, which worked until growth and complexity found them looking for ways to consolidate and simplify.  At the same time, they sought a solution that would help them improve their systems’ availability and increase uptime.

“Our previous environment was beginning to create a drag on business,” recalls Garrett Geisert, IT Administrator at Lucas Oil. “If we had a single server with a bad hard drive or blown power supply, it meant kicking off all users of that application until we had the problem fixed.” To prevent further business disruption, Geisert began researching making the move to a virtualized environment.

HPE’s virtualized server and storage configuration was exactly what Geisert was looking for to meet  Lucas Oil’s needs. “Now, instead of a single point of failure, we’ve built a three-node system that can sustain an outage without anybody ever knowing.”

Read more about how Lucas Oil’s virtualization project in the case study “Start your engines”.

Virtualization delivers cost efficiencies, reliability and continuity

A Dutch construction company was battling an aging server environment. Work processes were not running smoothly. Under the leadership of Ton Hoogland, head of VBK Groep ICT, they drafted a plan to move from small, project-oriented jobs to a comprehensively managed solution that would ensure better safeguards for business continuity.

By standardizing their applications in a virtualized cluster, they were able to optimize the use of their hardware. The configuration provides a single source of storage space where the capacity is available to all the servers, improving efficiency. The virtual nodes are also copies of each other, so that if a server fails, it has no impact on business continuity.

The solution delivers significantly more than the 20% utilization they had previously experienced. It also gives the VBK Groep the ability to respond more quickly to business needs, providing for temporary requirements for extra capacity, extra space or different configurations for test environments.

To learn more read the full case study “VBK Groep triples ICT efficiency with move to virtualization”.

Virtualization solutions sized right

Virtualization can bring great benefits for your organization.  When you choose your virtualization solution, make sure it’s one that’s specifically designed and right-sized for you.  HPE’s Just Right IT portfolio includes solution offerings with valued partners like Microsoft to help you virtualize simply, reliably, and affordably.  The Just Right IT program offers products and solutions priced and designed to help all sizes of businesses to achieve their business outcomes.

Read more about Virtualization on The PULSE of IT Virtualization read Infrastructure management strategies SMBs may not use—but should by Frank J. Ohlhorst

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