The Distinctive Elephant in the Room! The HPE - VMware alliance

By Courtney Tucker

There is an elephant in the room I’d like to address. We all know it’s there. No use pretending it’s not. So here goes.

HPE is a strategic and important partner with VMware. Right? But VMware is now owned by Dell. Right? How can that possibly work?

I wish we could say that it’s all very easy, but it isn’t. HOWEVER, that hasn’t stopped us. They say glory goes to those who persevere. Persevere we will! 

many peeps in glass office.jpgHPE and VMware have been strategic partners for almost two decades. We’ve seen each other through the highs as virtualization took the technology world by storm, and the lows of the technology market crash in ’01 and ’07. And we’ve done it by continuing to innovate our technology and focusing on solutions that address real-world needs like:

  • Integrated software and hardware management in the data center
  • The journey to software-defined-data-center and hybrid IT
  • Additional areas that will help customers deploy applications faster, simplify and automate their data center network fabric, and improve security.

With the market-shaking acquisition of EMC by Dell, HPE hasn’t changed our commitment to this valuable partnership. In fact, HPE awarded VMware North America Technology Partner of the Year, an exclusive honor give only to those partners who exemplify outstanding performance and accomplishments that raise the standard for business excellence and customer satisfaction, while driving meaningful business results for our shared customers. AND VMware presented HPE with the Global Strategic Alliance award. How’s that for being great alliance partners!

What this all means to you is that you will continue to see HPE and VMware innovate, co-engineer, jointly market and sell our solutions including:

Data Center Management solutions – HPE OneView with VMware vCenter - HPE and VMware have integrated HPE OneView with VMware vCenter Server—enabling you to automate day-to-day management and provisioning tasks, enabling your administrators to resolve issues before they impact service
Software Defined Data Center – HPE ProLiant, VMware vSOM and HPE Services - By merging legacy domains, hybrid cloud computing, and workload-centric architectures into a single manageable domain, HPE and VMware SDDC solutions solutions will modernize to an on-demand data center, automate tasks and simplify processes and pave the way to the Cloud.
Software Defined Networking – HPE ProLiant, Synergy with VMware NSX - HPE and VMware® collaborated to deliver an interoperable solution that delivers an agile SDN. The solution is designed to help organizations increase security, improve automation and optimize disaster recovery
• Software Defined Storage – HPE ProLiant, Synergy and VMware vSAN - Any true SDDC must include software-defined storage, which leverages automation and templates to dramatically simplify and streamline storage provisioning and management. HPE and VMware developed vSAN Ready Nodes to steamline procurement and deployment.
Client Virtualization – HPE Hyperconverged 380 & VMware Horizon Software - The combination of HPE’s Hyper Converged 380 and VMware’s Horizon software provides a best-in-class client virtualization solution that mitigates risk for client virtualization projects.

In short, the HPE – VMware partnership is as strong as ever. Even the elephant agrees. And that means it’s easier than ever for you to access the solutions that can go a long way to helping you achieve your business goals.

For more information about HPE and VMware’s strategic alliance, check out our comprehensive solutions and resources here.

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For the past 20 years, I have been mastering the art of technology marketing. During that time. I have been responsible for all aspects of marketing, including product and solution as well as channel and alliance marketing. I have spent the last 13 years focused on strategic alliance and channel marketing programs that centered on new program definition and execution, close alignment between sales and marketing that featured integrated joint marketing programs. I have had the pleasure of working with some of the largest tech companies in the world, but my favorites, by far, are HPE and VMware!

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