The HPE - DXC Alliance: Helping you realize the promise of transformations and disruptions.

By Steven Fleischman - HPE DXC Alliance Manager 

Disruption and transformation: that’s today’s business climate. In response, companies are rethinking the way they’ve been doing business and accelerating their own digital transformation, not only to keep up with new agile entrants in the market, but to move ahead of those late to change. Throughout the transformation process, they need to think fast, decide fast and act even faster.Edge 1.jpgLuckily, technology solution providers have kept pace with an impressive (some would say overwhelming) array of disruptive solutions that can help companies achieve their transformation goals. These solutions promise amazing results and near-permanent gratification. The challenge becomes choosing the right offering or offering(s) that will deliver exactly what the company needs.

Companies on a transformation journey must also ensure that disruptive technology solutions are expertly implemented and put to optimum use. Otherwise, “disruptive” becomes “chaotic,” wreaking havoc on the organization and its business.

The HPE - DXC Alliance is here to help in both of these areas and more.

Clarity, consistency, confidence  

HPE and DXC work as a team to make sure you have a clear vision of what you want to do, where you want to go and how best to get there. We then help you select the technology solutions that will deliver the exact results you want and take you to your destination quickly and confidently, with minimum chaos and confusion.

But technology itself – no matter how disruptive – won’t get the job done. You need to make sure the processes and people are in place to help you get the most from each new technology solution … to take all of the potential and turn it into power. Both HPE and DXC have a long and strong track record of helping customers do exactly that.

HPE and DXC: a shared DNA that works for you  

HPE and DXC have proven their ability to work together to deliver results. In 2017, DXC Technology was created by the merger of CSC and the Enterprise Services business of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Although we are now two separate organizations, we continue to offer our customers a unique bond and synergy that delivers benefits available with few other alliances:

  • A deep knowledge of the two companies’ technology, innovation, products and services to provide the right solutions for businesses
  • A like-minded vision to help clients transform their business to thrive under competitive pressure and market changes
  • Flexible and affordable financing options through HPE Financial Services to fully enable digital transformation
  • Strong, long-standing relationships both with shared clients and each other — built over time from the executive teams down to the point of execution, resulting in the ability to simplify, de-risk and increase efficiency of IT delivery

That “vision” thing

But what sets us apart the most as an alliance is a shared belief in the criticality of the “vision” thing. While the past and the present are the predominate concerns of many technology providers, we have our gaze fixed on the future. That’s critical at a time when everything is changing so rapidly.flow abstract.jpgWe are working closely together to define where business and the marketplace are going. More important, we are jointly developing new approaches and solutions that will be ready for - and available to you – when you need to deal with the new. In a journey that provides constant challenges, we are working now on the best ways of reaching both the goals you have set today and the ones that will evolve in step with the realities of the future.

What’s next?

HPE and DXC have a number of places for you to visit if you’d like to learn more about how our Alliance can provide unique assistance in your journey to wherever it is you want to go:

  • Check out the DXC “THRIVE” site. There, you’ll find thought leadership on emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, transformative technologies for the digital workplace, predictive analytics, and cyber security.
  • Visit and bookmark the Hewlett Packard Labs site to learn more about how we are creating the future every day by enabling fast, fluid transfer of advanced technologies into next-generation products and solutions. We work in collaboration with HPE business groups to deliver the innovation that propels our growth, industry leadership, and competitive advantage.

You can also get additional information on our joint solutions by visiting our alliance pages on the HPE site and on the DXC site.

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