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By Peter Koslowski

 I’ll be one of the Gurus at the Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Booth (#456) at SAP SAPPHIRE 2017. I am very enthusiastic about my role as I feel that this 1:1 approach is the best way for HPE and you to get the most from this event. By speaking directly with an HPE Guru, you get answers and guidance that are generally not available at these types of major events.

SAP SAPPHIRE 2017 will also be very special for HPE and SAP in another way. HPE has been co-innovating with SAP for 28 years now. It all started back in early 90’s with HP-UX support for the first release of SAP R/3 ERP and since that time we have seen significant accomplishments with SAP HANA support as the most recent one. This year’s conference is bringing another dramatic innovation: SAP Leonardo running on HPE Intelligent Edge platform to empower Edge to Core integration throughout data-driven enterprise. As they say, the more things change …

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Living on the Edge
The move to the Edge is inevitable. In fact, IT industry analyst, IDC, predicts that 45% of IoT created data will soon be stored, processed, analyzed and acted upon close to or at the Edge. In addition, Intelligent Edge aligns very closely with the benefit of the SAP S/4 HANA modern ERP system.

HPE and SAP are ready for that scenario now with SAP Leonardo Edge, a solution for IoT edge computing that runs on HPE’s Deep Compute Converged Edge Systems. This is an industry disruption offering compute, control systems, and data acquisition in a single enclosure that is hardened for IoT edge environments.

How close to the Edge are you?
No matter how close you are to realizing Intelligent Edge, this is definitely the direction you need to go. At SAP SAPPHIRE 2017, HPE offers three great ways to clarify where you want to go and how best to get there:

1. Attend the Theater Sessions I’ll be giving. Titled: “Your Edge | Your Core - HPE is bringing OT and IT together for you!”. The session focuses on Intelligent Edge and the benefits it delivers to companies like yours. This session will be offered three time during SAPPHIRE:

• Tuesday, May 16: 12:00 – 12:30 p.m. Booth #456
• Thursday, May 18: 11:00 - 11:30 a.m. HPE Booth #456
• Thursday, May 18: 12:30 - 13:00 Intel Booth

2. Join us for the SAPPHIRE NOW 2017 HPE IoT Breakfast Session. A panel of experts from HPE and SAP will talk about best practices in Edge to Core to Cloud IoT applications and what it takes to keep your business from falling through the cracks created by Edge, Core, and Cloud IoT applications and deployment architectures. Enjoy breakfast and an interactive discussion with your peers, courtesy of two of the IoT industry’s thought-leaders: HPE and SAP. Check out the invitation and click on “RSVP” to reserve your place.

3. Stop by the Guru Bar at the HPE Booth #456 before the sessions above, after, or whenever. I’ll be available and would enjoy answering your questions and working together to see how to bring Intelligent Edge and Data Driven Enterprise closer to reality for you.

HPE – SAP innovation on display
HPE is an Onyx Sponsor at SAP SAPPHIRE 2017, which will be held from May 16-18, 2017. In addition to the Guru Bar, the HPE Booth #465 will feature 30 +Theater Presentations, demos and much more. Check out the HPE SAPPHIRE site for complete information.

I look forward to seeing you there. And check out the HPE – SAP Alliance web site if you want additional information on the powerful solutions we offer.


koslowski.jpg Peter Koslowski, IoT executive and global alliance manager, heads strategic technology partnership programs with SAP spanning SAP HANA and SAP LEONARDO. He oversees co-innovation and leads go-to-market initiatives globally, with 25 years of experience combining Cloud, Big Data, Modern ERP platforms and Intelligent Edge, utilizing industry best practice methodologies including Agile and DevOps.

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