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The data driven enterprise? What does it really mean?


logo_event.pngBy Steven Fleischman


How many devices do you have? How much data do you create in the form of photos, emails, blogs, and texts? How much do you consume? I don’t know about you, but in my line of work I’m pushing out 500 to 1,000 emails and texts every week. Now multiply that by four or five billion! That’s a lot of data. And when we add the massive amounts that are created commercially or by the tens of billions of devices that will make up the Internet of Things by 2020, we’re looking at exponential data growth without end. 


The real question

What are we doing with that data? For the most part, nothing. Our attitude toward data has changed. Remember the days when you had to pay for your photos to be developed before you could see them. You used to be careful what pictures you took. If you didn’t, you’d either run out of film or else face a hefty processing bill. Now? We take photos without even thinking. We store them on our mobile devices and in the cloud, and we forget about them. It may be just a photo, but every time we take one, we’re adding a few megabytes to the digital universe.


For enterprises, it’s just the same. Each one creates gigabytes—if not terabytes—of data every day: financial data, healthcare x-rays, scans, and reports, merchandising data, transport data, and the list goes on and on. But what happens to all that data?


Harnessing the power of our data

A while ago, I decided to find out where my money was going. I was fed up with putting my pay check in the bank every month only to find out that it disappeared and I didn’t really know where. I had a general idea, but no specifics. So I decided to download all of my financial data into an app, categorize it, and run some reports. The results in some cases were surprising, in other cases shocking. But at least I now knew where my money was going and was in a position to do something about it.


And that’s what the data driven enterprise is all about. Harnessing the power of data by analyzing, managing, and extracting insights that help drive our business forward. To an extent, we’ve been doing it for a while. We’ve deployed traditional data warehouses, analytics, and dashboarding tools. But with the predominance of the Internet and the ability to consume a variety of data, create overlays and intersections, we now have the capability to use predictive analytics for much better, more informed decision making.


That’s what we mean when we talk about the “data-driven” enterprise; leveraging your information assets to drive specific business outcomes with results bearing a direct correlation to how quickly and effectively we can analyze and act on that data.


BI modernization

But transitioning to a data-driven, agile enterprise—one that leverages 100 percent of relevant data—requires another shift, a new approach to analytics. At HP, we’ve developed an approach that combines the best aspects of traditional and emerging analytics in a hybrid data management model that delivers these capabilities in a flexible and cost-efficient consumption model across software, hardware, and consulting services for a business-led, BI modernization transformation.


HP BI Modernization Services enables you to discover, develop, and execute on a strategic roadmap that modernizes your BI and analytics capabilities to help realize your business goals with a real-time analytics environment that allows you to control costs and optimize existing BI investments with flexible deployment and consumption options. It allows you to:

  • Gain insights from new kinds and higher volumes of data, while leveraging your existing data investment
  • Unlock the power of enterprise collaboration through data lakes and visualization
  • Mitigate risk by exploring options through discovery environments and service deployment models
  • Boost business agility by leveraging 100 percent of your data to create competitive differentiation
  • Take advantage of open, integrated Big Data platforms to accelerate deployment and results
  • Leverage expertise and delivery competence with HP’s skilled data scientists

But even we can’t do it alone. That’s why we’re excited about Microsoft’s next big event.


Don’t miss PASS Summit 2015, the world’s biggest SQL Server event

PASS Summit 2015 starts today through October 30, at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle. There are over 200 technical sessions, 19 pre-conference sessions, an SQL Server Clinic and the world’s biggest congregation of SQL Server professionals! Last year almost 4000 delegates from 56 countries attended.


Whether you’re a data novice, an SQL Server pro, or on the business side of the house with an interest in making more effective use of your data, PASS Summit is the place to find first-class training, technical tips and tricks, and connections to take your skills—and business—to the next level.


HP is there as one of two platinum sponsors, so come and chat to us at Booth #420 (right next to the Microsoft stand). We’ll demo the HP ConvergedSystem 300 for Microsoft Analytics Platform and show you how you can modernize your BI platform and enable your data driven enterprise with HP and Microsoft. You’ll also have two chances every hour to win incredible HP products!


To stay up-to-date on the latest Microsoft trends and topics, follow me at @Fleishmantweet and stop by the booth for our Twitter incentive #HPatPass


For more information on HP BI Modernization, visit

Steven Fleischman is a member of the HP Corporate Strategic Alliances team as a Microsoft and SAP Evangelist. He has been at HP for 10 years in various marketing, business development, and channel program roles working with Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP.


Steven attended Syracuse University and St. John’s University and has a BS in Marketing with a focus on International Marketing.


HP Internal research 2013


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