The intelligent foundation for Hybrid Cloud: HPE ProLiant with Windows Server

Today’s small and midsize businesses (SMBs) are placing Hybrid Cloud high on their lists for digital transformation. That’s because Hybrid Cloud delivers the best of both worlds for SMBs, giving them the responsiveness of on-premises IT with the scalability of cloud. In addition, cloud can help SMBs adopt transformative new technologies, such as containers, edge computing, and artificial intelligence.


But with tight budgets and a relative lack of in-house expertise, SMBs require IT solutions that just work. Whether on-premises or in the cloud, bare metal, virtualized, or containerized, modern IT must enable the full spectrum of Hybrid Cloud possibilities, deploying resources faster than ever before, leveraging a secure, common operating model to meet individual application and user requirements while maintaining visibility and control over costs, security, and governance.


HPE is ready to help SMBs grow the business with small business IT solutions, built on HPE ProLiant servers with Windows Server to power their key ambitions and help them achieve big goals.


HPE ProLiant Gen10 and Gen10 Plus servers offer:


  • Automation: The intelligence built into every HPE ProLiant simplifies and automates management tasks, establishing a solid foundation for an open, Hybrid Cloud platform enabled by composability.
  • Optimization: The foundational intelligence of HPE ProLiant transforms IT with insights to optimize configurations, workload placement, and cost models, creating investment agility to deliver better outcomes faster.
  • Security: Secure to its core, HPE ProLiant provides an intelligent, 360-degree view to security that begins at the manufacturing supply chain and concludes with a safeguarded decommissioning.


Adding Windows Server helps customers:

  • Get ready for the cloud: Whether migration to the cloud is imminent or in the future, a current version of Windows Server plus HPE Gen10 servers provides the best of both worlds to take advantage of cloud services without delay. The combination provides hybrid capabilities with the ability to extend on-premises IT into Microsoft Azure for greater efficiency.
  • Improve IT efficiency: Legacy systems lack the power and flexibility to economically meet IT needs. HPE Gen10 servers with a current version of Windows Server enable SMBs to do more with less by creating a flexible application platform that empowers developers and other IT professionals to build and deploy diverse applications.
  • Fight cybercrime: As the risk of being a victim of cybercrime continues to rise, SMBs need a comprehensive and budget-friendly way to secure IT. HPE and Microsoft work together to keep servers protected with advanced multilayer security that elevates an organization’s security posture, starting with the operating system.


Together, HPE and Microsoft provide the foundation for SMB innovation.


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