There’s never a need to go it alone with the HPE – Microsoft Alliance

By Jeff Krenek 

HPE and Microsoft have been working together for 30 years, drawing upon our respective innovation and expertise to create solutions that reduce your risk and propel your business further, faster. As long-time alliance partners, we offer: 

  • Comprehensive portfolio of innovative products and solutions to help businesses succeed in the digital age
  • Joint engineering of products optimized for HPE and Microsoft technologies and hybrid infrastructures
  • Pre-tested, pre-integrated solutions that are ready to help you transform your business 

But it would be a mistake to think that all we offer together are industry-leading technology solutions. In fact, we make available a range of resources that help you at many stages of your journey through the digital transformation.  I'm going to highlight two very important ones in this blog.  Both can go a long way towards helping you achieve your technology and business goals.    

Resource #1 - Azure Stack Innovation Centers 

team.jpgI’m sure you’ve heard about Microsoft Azure Stack – the integrated hybrid cloud solution that enables you to run Azure-consistent services in your data center. I’m also sure that many of you would like to integrate the simplified Azure development, management, and security experience into your datacenter.   

HPE and Microsoft stand ready to help you get that done. 

The Azure Stack Innovation Centers are available to help you accelerate your journey to a hybrid cloud.  These centers, available only through HPE and Microsoft, are staffed by Azure Stack experts from both companies to offer a variety of services that enable you to:

  • Discover how Azure Stack unlocks agility and innovation through briefings and demos
  • Plan and Design your apps for Azure Stack
  • Build and Transform your apps for hybrid cloud with guided PoCs. 

Your collaboration with the center will ensure you reach your goals more quickly, effectively and confidently. Visit the Azure Stack Innovation Center website for more information.   

Resource #2 - HPE Developer Community (HPE DEV) 

2 y w smiling.jpgThe HPE Developer Community (HPE DEV) connects HPE experts, resources, and developers worldwide.  Specifically, HPE DEV helps participants improve automation, service delivery, and workflow using open source software on HPE platforms and solutions. In turn, this helps their businesses in their digital transformation. 

HPE created HPE Dev to provide an effective response to three major challenges facing today’s Enterprises:   

  1. Better access to automation, service delivery, and workflow assets that improve their business - HPE DEV is a worldwide community that enables participants to automate, accelerate, and shift to a developer centric mindset.
  2. Better awareness and improved integration capabilities on HPE products and solutions - HPE DEV provides access to key software integration projects and curated code to build and improve on HPE platforms and solutions.
  3. Easier access to connect with HPE experts and resources - HPE DEV provides a public forum that encourages all participants to collaborate, driving open source initiatives and innovation. 

You can participate in the HPE Developer Community by visiting  If you are specifically interested in Microsoft Azure Stack, you can use this direct link to find open source projects and other information useful for Azure Stack developers.

Both resources can be invaluable to you in your efforts to establish and maintain the optimum IT environment to support your business. 

Jeff Krenek is a senior technologist and manager with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, where he has led the development and delivery of numerous integrated hardware and software solutions.  He currently leads the Azure Stack Innovation Centers for HPE, helping customers accelerate their adoption of hybrid cloud solutions.

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