This year, SAPPHIRE NOW is virtual, but it’s a gem nonetheless

If you’re like me, you’ve come to expect excellence from the yearly SAPPHIRE NOW event. But worry not, you can expect the same level of excellence, relevance, and innovation from this year’s SAPPHIRE NOW Reimagined virtual event, being held from June 15 – 19, 2020. From what I can see, this is going to be a real gem, and #HPE is proud to be a Silver work from home 25, w, June 10 .jpgSponsor.

HPE’s high-value presence

Our sponsorship means that you will have a number of ways to access the latest information about HPE – SAP solutions at the event, including:

  • A dedicated section in the event platform in the Intelligent Enterprise channel – one of 11 event channels available - enabling HPE to showcase our offerings
  • An on-demand video that clearly shows about how HPE fits into the SAP Intelligent Enterprise. The video also addresses our own S/4HANA deployment, as well as best practices and lessons learned from this huge implementation

Remember: HPE and SAP have been strategic alliance partners for 30 years, so we have a proven track record of working extremely well together and developing solutions that are just right for our mutual customers and the goals they want to achieve. That’s why HPE is THE leader in SAP and SAP HANA market with a 40% share. That’s more than the next 3 competitors combined. That’s also why we chose SAP solutions to run our own business. Check out this website for complete information on the unique HPE – SAP strategic alliance. 

But now, back to SAPPHIRE NOW Reimagined itself and the other gems you’ll discover there.

Diamonds …

Through executive keynotes, customer stories, demos, roundtables, and much more, SAPPHIRE NOW Reimagined is equal parts inspiration, insight, and how-to learning… all through a digital experience. There are true diamonds of solutions, strategies and successes to be found everywhere in this year’s three major conference areas:

SAPPHIRE NOW Unplugged – A weekly, free-access video series showcasing conversations with leaders, thinkers, influencers, and experts who share insights on how we can navigate and manage our lives through the COVID-19 pandemic. Each video is 15–20 minutes in length. 

SAPPHIRE NOW Vision – On June 15, join us for a conversation with our CEO Christian Klein as he shares his vision for a reimagined SAP, including innovations currently in development and inspiring customer success stories. SAPPHIRE NOW Vision is a great way to chart your new path forward.

SAPPHIRE NOW Converge – June 15 also kicks off SAPPHIRE NOW Converge, your online destination for live and on-demand content from SAP.  Join SAPPHIRE NOW Converge for a new way to get the latest insights and information from SAP through scheduled and available content throughout the year.

… in the soft  

The major difference with a virtual event is that all of these activities and content come to you, wherever you are, wherever you go during the conference. You can also watch on demand, anytime. As an extra bonus, you don’t have to deal with lines, and everyone has front row seats. Nothing “in the rough” about that.   

Pearls of wisdom

Even though it is virtual, SAPPHIRE NOW Reimagined still lets you connect with SAP executives, product experts, industry and line-of-business experts, partners, thought leaders, and customers. You’ll be able to view hours of programming, broadcast across multiple channels. Get your questions answered through this exciting new digital platform experience. We especially encourage you to join HPE in the Intelligent Enterprise channel and connect with us.

Emerald City 

While we are all concerned about the current state of business, we also seek proven ways moving the business forward amid uncertainty and changing customer expectations. SAP knows today’s changing business environment is forcing businesses of all sizes to create new ideas and reshape industries. And it is becoming more evident for businesses of all sizes that we must be focused, take chances, keep our heads up and keep moving forward while reimagining new realties and possibilities for our businesses. 

SAPPHIRE NOW Reimagined fully recognizes the challenges ahead and is structured to help you reach that gleaming Emerald City in the distance. Working closely with partners like HPE, SAP has developed proven ways to become more nimble and resilient, create experiences that drive loyalty, and lay the groundwork for what’s next. These solutions and strategies are all available for you for free … at your convenience … at the event.

Crown jewels

HPE invites you to join us at SAPPHIRE NOW Reimagined. All you have to do is  register.  You can then peruse through the event’s crown jewels: 11 different channels that each will focus on different aspects of creating and reshaping your business through speaker keynotes, customer stories, product demos, roundtables, and much more. You’ll definitely feel like you are the master/mistress of all you survey and the maker of your own destiny. 

Complete information on SAPHHIRE NOW Reimagined is available here. You can register or this free event here. But hurry, the event begins on June 15, only a few days away.

And if you want to mine more pure gold, check out the refreshed HPE – SAP Strategic Alliance site and expect more nuggets to placed there during Sapphire Week.

See you there!

Urs Renggli
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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Urs Renggli is the Global Marketing Lead for the Microsoft and SAP Alliances, directing all aspects of HPE's global alliance marketing strategy and partner marketing. He is responsible for developing and implementing end-to-end sales and marketing Initiatives and programs. Urs has spent a number of years at both HPE and Microsoft and understands both the power and importance of this strategic alliance in terms of the solutions it delivers to customers.