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Thoughts and observations from Hewlett-Packard’s Global Partner Conference (GPC)


by Duncan Campbell



If I had to pick one word for the event it would be “transformational.” The GPC events I’ve been to in the past have been reseller, channel and product focused. Very traditional. But not this year.


The world is changing. Information is being consumed well before the typical sales engagement; changing the “buyer’s journey forever.” The world we live in is a fast- moving, digitally- inspired world. The partner community gets it. HP gets it.  And we’re ready to bring it to our mutual customers.


IT Solutions for the New Style of Business

IT now has two-modes: Traditional and IT Solutions for the New Style of Business and this “New Style of Business” has four transformational areas:

  1. Transforming to an on-demand IT infrastructure
  2. Protecting your digital assets
  3. Enabling the most productive workplace
  4. Empowering a data-driven enterprise

These transformational areas emphasize a new taxonomy and focus on business outcomes. This is refreshing and key as the dialog has shifted to customer business outcomes and requires alignment of IT and business. Our goal must be to lead in these transformational areas, delivering their benefits and capabilities to the customers who need them now more than ever.    


The HP Alliance session dealt with the transformational areas and then dove into use cases and highlighted what I loved (and will address in future blogs) the treatment and positioning of workloads and new application solutions. The customer conversation has changed! No longer is it just my “hot box,” but it is about optimized workload solutions such as business critical ERP solutions, CRM, Collaboration and scale out web-based solutions.  That’s exactly what we’re poised to provide.


Big change. Big opportunity.

IT Solutions for the New Style of Business means big change, and big change for the GPC audience means big opportunity for those willing and able to move swiftly. The opportunity means new business for ISVs that develop solutions and for Systems integrators and VARS that are delivering and integrating the solutions on premise, in the cloud and/or in a hybrid world.


At GPC the transformation was visible in keynotes, sessions and in roundtables. The impact to business models and a solutions-based approach together with partners were explored and were the imperative. This GPC was transformational and in step with the times. The four transformational growth areas that HP is focused on are refreshing indeed for HP and the partner community to help our joint customers achieve better business outcomes.


HP Discover

Now, it’s time to change the focus a bit and showcase exactly how our work in the four transformational areas can and will benefit our customers. 


The place:  Las Vegas, NV

The dates:  June 2 – 4, 2015

The event:  HP Discover


All the excitement, innovation, and solutions of GPC will be there for everyone to see, touch, explore. I hope you will be there as well as “Transformational” strikes again.    


This is an event you don’t want to miss.  Register now


Leave me your thoughts below.


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