Three Ways a Server Upgrade Can Improve Business

Guest blog by HPE SMB Segment Marketing

Remember how thrilled you were to get your first cell phone? And, as technology progressed, not only could you call anyone from anywhere, but texting provided a whole new way of communicating. At first, texting was a matter of clicking one of the 10 phone key numbers repeatedly to get to the letter you needed, and texts were limited to 160 characters. Maybe you didn't find these things annoying until you upgraded to your first smart phone. But, when you did, remember how great it felt to have a full keyboard, no length limits on texting, and pain-free fingers? 


Now, fast forward to a similar case that may be happening with your small business server. Servers that were used to deploy a certain workload more than 3 years ago may seem to work well enough now. But, let's look at the performance of your most important business functions... Is your email overloaded? Do you have a line of employees in your office with complaints about the server not quite working the way they need it to? Is there too much idle time while your computer boots up?

We become used to declining performance because it happens slowly over time. Maybe it is time to consider the advantages of upgrading your technology to make your business run faster.


What's new in servers?

1. Performance, performance, performance

If you still have an aging server running in the corner, then you may not be aware of improvements in chip and memory technologies that make today's servers run FAST! With needs changing, your performance needs to change to— for better user experience such as:

  • Videos that run smoothly and do not hang (no latency)
  • Consistent performance with UCC applications such as IM and VOIP  voice/video conferencing
  • Rapid and efficient analysis of huge amounts of data resulting in invaluable Business Intelligence (BI)

This ability to fully support today's business applications and their features comes from rapid advances in CPU, memory, and options performance in the server. For example, HPE ProLiant Gen 9 servers offer up to 4x performance increase over HPE ProLiant Gen 8 servers. 


2. Simple, less complex system management

Today's servers automate configuration and provisioning as well as provide troubleshooting alerts and proactive detection with resolution of issues. This takes what can be a complex management environment and makes IT really simple!


 3. Affordable, flexible agile technology right sized for your business

Most growing businesses demand flexibility to take on new projects and opportunities or to react quickly to changes in the market. When your IT is based on the most current server technology, you can do the following:

  • Easily consolidate and virtualize resources.
  • Increase operating efficiency, improve operating costs


Focus on your business, not technology. Update your infrastructure so you can be confident that your business is ready for whatever comes next. With HPE Just Right IT ProLiant small business servers, you get high performance servers that are right sized for your business with built-in system management and flexibility you need to drive your business.

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