Transforming Healthcare Through Hadoop – Making our world better – One Analytical Step at a Time

by Helen Tang


Difficult challenges face today’s healthcare industry. Hospital administrators, insurance companies, pharmaceutical providers, biotech companies, researchers, and clinicians have to make important decisions every day —oftentimes life or death decision, without the benefit of sufficient, accurate, fully actionable data. At the same time, consumers are experiencing increased costs without a corresponding increase in health security or in the reliability of clinical outcomes.

Not to mention, the entire industry is facing a deluge of new and interesting sources of data:

  1. Wearable tracking devices - there are now 70 million people in the U.S.who are using wearable tracking devices to monitor their physical activity, sleep patterns, calorie consumption, and a whole lot more.

  2. The now decoded human genome - a treasure trove of information that promises the future of 1:1 designer medication – at a cost that’s affordable to the average family or individual.

  3. Wireless sensors in hospitals - New wireless sensors can capture and transmit patient vitals at much higher frequencies, leading to predictive real-time alerts to respond more promptly to unexpected changes.

  4. RFID tags on equipment and medicine – this data can help hospitals utilize medicines before their dates of expiration or quickly locate an important piece of equipment.

This is just the tip of the ice berg, the advances in heathcare and all the accompanying data truly holds the promise to a healthier, better tomorrow. And Big Data – specifically Apache Hadoop is at the heart of this revolution.

Want to hear about some of these use cases and how healthcare hospitals and companies today are leveraging Hadoop to transform healthcare? Then join our webinar on March 9th: HPE and Hortonworks Join Forces to Deliver Healthcare Transformation.



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