Vacation!?! Cybercriminals Don’t Take Vacations!

By Ildi Pomeroy


Summer is in full swing, and while your small and midsize business customers are dreaming of a day at the beach, cybercriminals are dreaming of stealing their data. Many SMBs think they're not big enough for cybercriminals to target, but they might be surprised to learn that they are often a more tempting target because criminals assume they lack the security capabilities of larger enterprises.


In 2014 alone, 60% of small businesses experienced a cyberbreach.1


And, once their data gets into the wrong hands, they could spend months recovering from lost time and lost sales, not to mention legal costs, fines, and penalties. In fact, the average damage per incident for a small business data breach is $100,000– $175,000 USD.1 Sixty percent of small businesses don't survive after a loss like that.1


This is your opportunity to really make a difference for your customers, with HPE Flex Solutions for Secure Encryption. These high-impact, high-performance data-at-rest security solutions use simple, key-based encryption to keep your customers’ sensitive data secure. And, they're not difficult or expensive to adopt, because HPE has designed and tested these solutions to be just right for SMBs. Adding secure encryption to an HPE server sale adds less than $1 a day to your customers’ expenses over the life of the server, while flexible, pre-defined configurations simplify sizing and accelerate provisioning.


HPE Flex Solutions for Secure Encryption are based on HPE ProLiant Gen9 servers, powered by Intel. They include HPE Secure Encryption as well as Aruba Instant Wi-Fi and the option to add HPE VM Explorer software for fast, flexible backup and recovery of virtual environments, and a Microsoft Azure Token to tap into the power of an open and flexible hybrid cloud platform.


Help your customers enjoy the rest of the summer without the worry of data theft hanging over their heads. Learn more about HPE Flex Solutions for Secure Encryption, and start selling, today. Ask your local HPE representative for more details or visit the HPE Partner Ready Portal.



1Small businesses: What you need to know about cyber security,” U.K. Government, March 2015

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