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WS2003 End of Support: Could this be your on ramp to the cloud?


Rather than thinking of the threats and risks associated with not migrating, why not think of this event as an opportunity to reevaluate your IT strategy as a whole. WS2003 EOS isn’t just about migrating to a new version of Windows. It’s about modernizing and preparing for the New Style of IT where on premise, private clouds, hybrid clouds, and public clouds are critical components for creating an agile business for the future.

Cloud allows you to scale with public cloud economics and take advantage of extended resource pools whenever you need them. You can build new applications, enable mobility and BYOD with centralized security, extend your reach, and reduce your operational costs. Cloud enables your business to become more agile and your employees to enjoy increased productivity and satisfaction with anywhere, anytime access for increased freedom and work life balance. It also allows you take advantage of the public cloud for reduced storage, backup, and recovery costs.

But first you have to move to a cloud-ready platform.

Windows Server 2012 R2: Your cloud-ready platform

Even if developing a cloud solution isn’t part of your current strategy, being aware of the possibilities can ease your WS2003 EOS migration and future-proof your environment. Here are five areas where migrating to a cloud-ready platform makes good business sense.

Windows Server 2012 R2 allows you to:

  1. Focus on innovation by keeping core applications on-premise and moving everything else that makes sense to the cloud.
  2. Increase business agility with optimized capacity utilization in a virtualized environment.
  3. Leverage the public cloud to deploy pay-per-use test and development environments in minutes.
  4. Ensure compliance by protecting business assets while enabling mobility and BYOD with policy-based security.
  5. Leverage public cloud as an extension to your network for affordable replication, failover, and recovery.

To put Windows Server 2003 migration in context and learn more about your opportunities, read the Frost & Sullivan white paper: Why SMBs Should Use Windows Server 2003 Migration as a Launchpad for IT Transformation.


And make sure to visit and register for our third and fourth webinar in the WS2003 EOS series: WS2003 EOS: To cloud or not to cloud? Plan for success. and WS2003 EOS: You've missed the boat! Now what? You’ll find out what WS2003 EOS can mean for your business and the opportunities that the cloud offers.


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