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Welcome to SUSECon 2015, Amsterdam!


Hewlett Packard Enterprise and SUSE – A Legacy of Successful Transformation


By Travis Kuter


SUSECon has always been a special event. It’s a gathering of the some of the brightest, most passionate, like minded techie’s on the planet.


What a privilege it is for Hewlett Packard Enterprise to unveil itself as a brand new company at this prestigious event.


It all began with roughly $550 dollars in capital (1939 value) and a coin toss. The capital investment was to launch the business. The coin toss determined whose last name would come first, Hewlett or Packard. The location was a little town just south of San Francisco we now affectionately call Silicon Valley.


The rest is quite literally a chapter in technology history. It is now history because as of November 1st, 2015 Hewlett-Packard will have formed into two brand new companies. Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and HP Inc. Hewlett Packard Enterprise will lead with muscular servers, storage, networking, cloud, software and services to enterprises. HP Inc. will continue to bring cutting edge innovation in the realm of 3D printing and sleek, high performance end-point devices.  


In a word, it’s a Transformation. In June of this year, our CEO Meg Whitman, announced four transformation areas that represent our view of where the market is headed and what our customers and partners will need to succeed in today’s Idea Economy.


These four Transformation Area's will underpin how HPE will bring value to our customers:


  1. Transforming to a hybrid infrastructure
  2. Protecting your digital enterprise
  3. Empowering a data driven organization
  4. Enabling workplace productivity


Enter SUSE. Of course SUSE is no stranger to history and legacy wasted no time innovating around the swashbuckling Finland native creation of what we call the Linux kernel. The chameleon was born.


Over time, Hewlett Packard and SUSE have forged an enduring partnership spanning over 20 years.


One beauty of our relationship, is that the portfolio of solutions we offer to our customers align perfectly to two of HPE’s four transformation areas. And this is precisely what you can expect to see at SUSECon 2015, Amsterdam, Netherlands beginning November 2nd.


Transforming to a hybrid infrastructure is all about delivering instant access from a modern, cloud capable data center. HPE and SUSE are driving innovation here with our newly launched HPE ProLiant for Private Cloud Optimized for SUSE OpenStack Cloud reference architecture.


Empowering a data driven enterprise centers on helping organizations harness its vast amount of information. It’s no secret, Hadoop has emerged as a very efficient, and cost effective way to manage distributed data. HP, SUSE and Horton works are helping simplify today’s big data challenges by offering a joint reference architecture designed to help our customers rapidly gain valuable insights from their corporate data.


These solutions and many more are why we believe that SUSE Linux Enterprise on HPE world class platforms provide our joint customers with the industry’s broadest choice of integrated, open source and Linux across the enterprise.


We invite and welcome you to make your way to booth #22 and to check out our keynote and technical sessions:


  • Partner Technology Sessions and Technology Breakouts titled “Designing the Hardware Stack for your HPE ProLiant for SUSE OpenStack Cloud” and “Engineering with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and Developing Solutions” that will help you accelerate what’s next for your business.
  • Meeting and networking opportunities with the architects, engineers, and product managers that are behind the latest developments to innovate and spur your technology offerings.
  • Business and technical break-out sessions will go deeper into techs, specs, and strategic design considerations for both current, and future, portfolios.

You can join us online at, or follow us on social media, Twitter @HPE_Linux. And, don’t forget to visit our event page as well at,


Have a great SUSECon 2015!


Travis Kuter
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Strategic Alliance Manager

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About the Author


I thoroughly enjoy writing about HP and the synergies with our Alliance Partners.

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