What about the HPE Rack Portfolio?

Once you’ve found the ideal HPE ProLiant DL (Rack) server for your SMB’s IT needs, you need a rack to house it. As the foundation that secures long-term IT success, HPE Rack and Power Infrastructure products help your business react to changes in the industry through efficient, easy-to-use capabilities to manage, monitor, deploy, and provision IT infrastructure and more effectively manage power and cooling costs.

In this Coffee Coaching session, Tray Brownfield, HPE AMS Server Options Champion, tells you more about the HPE Rack Portfolio and HPE Rack and Power Infrastructure products.


The HPE Rack portfolio covers Small and Midsize Businesses (SMBs) to Enterprise businesses with capabilities to match your growing business needs. HPE Racks are rigorously tested to ensure your IT assets are protected in transit and in the data center. And, not only are they designed to provide strength, they are also designed to maximize cooling and give your business the highest quality of support.

HPE Rack and Power Infrastructure products are developed to be used specifically with HPE servers and storage. Although they can be used with non-HPE IT equipment, when they are paired with HPE servers, you are able to take advantage of various server and IP-based tools to maintain and manage all of the equipment in the rack. While you have many choices for rack and power infrastructure products, HPE offers an extensive range of rack, power, and KVM products to meet all of your needs.

Here’s a few features your SMB can benefit from when you pair your HPE server and storage products with tailor-made HPE rack and power infrastructure:

  • Location Discover Services: let you automate server asset tracking
  • 3000lb dynamic loading: ensures maximum use of valuable rack and datacenter space
  • 81% open area rack design: optimizes airflow which reduces operating costs
  • Integrated HPE Server sand Storage Care Pack Support:

The HPE Rack portfolio is made up of three models: HPE Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise. HPE Standard Series Racks are the most cost effective and provide a simple design. They are a good started rack and ideal for smaller IT loads. Next in line, the Advances Series Racks are built to scale with a starting height of 14U all the way up to 48U. Fully welded with multiple planes of support, HPE Advanced Racks help keep up to 3,000 pounds of back-office equipment cool and protected. HPE Enterprise Series Racks are the right choice for high density IT applications. With Enterprise Series Racks, enjoy maximum airflow, enhanced security, and easy installation & management with all of the latest features.

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